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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Jan 17, 2005.

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  1. seems while looking around ebay there is a shed loads of stuff with "Sas" attached to it sas selection certificate, sas parachute, "Rare" sas stable belts etc
    i think the name sas = army surplus items associations is getting a bit worn out.

    the real SAS that i have seen tend to be very normal and unassuming , no Rambo tendencies whatsoever , which the walters seem to do to an excess even to the point of wearing the kit/badges in public :roll: i bet the IRA are p1ssing themselves laughing at them
  2. Sellers do this to attract more attention to their items. The search engine matches what the buyer has typed in to the title of the listed item. Result is buyers adding 'army SAS marines para TA cadets' to their listing titles to get more hits. Technically it's not allowed under eBay rules but it works. I've also seen 'combat 95 as worn by SAS' in one listing. It's not long before we have 'stick as stepped on by SAS'.
  3. Hey cool I need that for my collection send me a link, it can go with my SAS naafi/spar plastic bags.
  4. 'Extremely personal SAS item...wrapped in clingfilm...'Buy it Now' if you want it still warm....'
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  5. Are you sure that's yours to sell, F_S?
  6. It's certainly not... I don't want any part of it.
  7. Best one I ever saw was an old issue PLCE Bergan Olive Green, with AS USE BY UK SPECIAL FORCES - and it was "won" for over £80.00 and sold to the USA.


  8. something odd about that one in florida. Gives location as

    "Item location: Florida, USA
    United Kingdom"

    and does his listing on eBay UK, not from eBay us

    Also claims the empossed seals on his certificates are "authentic"

    and "The commanding officers name of that date will be applied on the bottom."

    some sort of AGC scam?
  9. He also says

    What a complete chopper.

    Feck me – One trip on

    SAS Scandanavian Airlines

    And I will have enough SAS peanuts, SAS sleeping masks, SAS plastic coffee cups and SAS strangely rotund wind-up models of Jumbo Jets to make a killing on EBay

    I will even sell someone my SAS boarding pass with my name crossed out and replaced with the ‘winners’ name in authentic SAS crayon.
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  10. You are quite the entrepeneur Pudding
  11. My next 'here’s a gullible tw@t' scheme is to half inch a couple of pint pots from a boozer in Hereford and flog them off on Ebay as ’Genuine Hereford Beer glasses as used by the SAS...probably.... maybe...could have’

    Bargain at £20 each