SAS and Aliens

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rawhide, May 2, 2013.

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  1. I bring this to the NAAFI as I cant bear to publish it in any serious forum.

    Apparently, reported in the People in 1997 of an incident 4 years earlier:

    Has anyone ever heard of this before??
  2. Kids out on a Halloween trick or treat excursion?
  3. Wee people moving their pot 'o...
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  4. I just realised the People are a novelty paper.
  5. "Just"?!?
  6. The National Enquirer strikes again!
  7. I know, must have lived under a rock although I dont remember it being on sale and can say in my weak defence I never read it whence i graced those shores.

    Googling now I wish I had researched before I posted, apparently Gazza is challengind Freddie Flintoff (who is now a boxer) to a boxing innings. What kind of warped reality is happening in the UK if the People are to be believed. An alcoholic ex soccer player challenging an Ashes Winning cricketer who has now become a boxer to a fight.

    Pass me the glue.
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  8. Are there any that aren't these days?
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  9. gullibility-test.jpg
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  10. TeleO'Tubbies?
  11. SAS Soldier one: "Heeeeey, are they fucking aliens?

    SAS Soldier two: "Shut the fuck up and roll me another joint!"
  12. Alien #1 "Should we report back to the leader that we were seen by a stoned SAS team?

    Alien #2 "Nah, who'd believe us anyway? No one ever sees Them..."
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  13. Back when I was on a LRS team I saw lots of small people with squinty eyes...

    They are all shouty and have big bombs now.
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  14. Not heard that one, but have heard of a crop circle appearing slap bang in front of an OP and nobody saw a thing until the sun came up.
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