SAS Allowed To Break All Road Laws

Mind you a few civilians are bound to try getting away with it - dress in black and have a copy of B2Z on the dashboard - This time next year police records will show that 487,000 SAS members were prosecuted for speeding.
remember many many years ago training area back of folkstone people in civi's driving like lunatics.
annoyed the OC so much had a four tonner block the road que epic arguement.
Lots of angry words stabs hooligans etc etc. Turned more unmarked cars turning up. After more argueing turned out whoever was in charge of admin for the sneaky beaky types had neglected to book the training area oops :)
won't it just be a case of they'll use B&T and wouldn't stop for anyone , most likely VRMs are blocked on PNC so even if traffic did a check it'd come back with a warning not to stop or something

I know thats what happens with some of the more specialist units within the met

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