Sartorial silliness

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Bound_Apprentice, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. Whilst dossing around my Office the other day I was struck by the "uniform" of Merrells and North Face being worn by the young 'uns in my Organisation. It brought a smile to my face as I remembered fondly trying to convince myself back in '87 that my shiny new Hi-Tec Trails were the last word in cool covertness, despite what common sense was telling me!

    It made me think - what is the well-dressed, desperately covert young JNCO wearing these days, and what other fashion items can you remember everyone buying when you were all just nippers?

    Just something light-hearted given all the ranting going on everywhere else.
  2. I always enjoyed the contrast between the £10 off a stall at Nutts Corner jackets the players wore and the £80 Goretex stuff our guys donned in order to fit in. See also waist length leather bomber jackets (in South Armagh) and genuine Regata waxed cotton vs suit-cut Italian leather jackets and eyewateringly expensive Barbour. The terms "bulldog" and "b-o-llocks" spring to mind, somehow.

    As for two lads in their 20s wearing those feckin horrible check workshirts over T-shirts in a 30 grand 4x4.... Much more a Signals thing, but, still....
  3. I used to watch with glee as the throngs on North Face and Berghaus clones left breakfast and headed off up the hill. I mean what is wrong with a donkey jacket and wellies?
  4. Back in 95-96, there was a blade selling Ralph Lauren gear all over the "Hangar" - good stuff to. The comical thing about it all was when you hit the 'usual haunts' in the city on a friday and saturday night, you could always spot the "hangar" mob merely by the little horse and rider emblem emblazoned onto the brightly coloured shirts that everyone seemed to wear hanging out of their black trousers...........oh if only the ole adversary had have realised that one.........
  5. I noticed this in my organisation as well. Certain people who are supposed to be covert, looking like they are going for a weekends rambling in the Cotswolds. Is it a surveillance thing? It may have worked for 28 or the Abingdon lot (number escapes me now), but when you are supposed to be following IC3 dealers around places like Hackney, I often wonder if looking like you've been to the Millets sale is the done thing. Mind you, its either hiker chic or Army surplus now. Personally I prefer Hoody, jeans, and Reebok Classics.
  6. Maybe the MoD should pressure national retailers such as Next, River Island and Arcadia to offer a Forces' Discount. At present, Millets, Black's and Cotswold all offer a squaddie discount, why wouldn't everyone shop there.:roll:
  7. With that title I thought it would be a thread about your mess kit.

    I'll get me coat!
  8. i still have my cherished waxy circa 1994...however a TK Max hoody & jeans are far more en-vogue these days
  9. Surely a crab wouldn't venture into the Int Corps forum to have a dig at us about our Mess Dress. At least we can distinguish our Mess Dress from our No. 1 Dress. :lol:
  10. of course the advantage of having light blue in the mess is that it substantionally reduces clening bills...

    ...simply rub a couple of RAF chaps together, watch them attract all of the dust, take them outside, earth them...hey presto the place is sparkling...

    (do not attempt this without adequate fire fighting cover though - that amount of high-grade nylon in a confined space can be lethal)
  11. I'll raise you a Smithfield Market Snorkell Jacket circa 1975 and a Mac Manus of Belfast Royal Avenue dufflecoat (C) 1978.

    Oh how i laughed to see 5 fit young civvies with droopy taches driving out of theipval in a fiat 132 wearing identical Tog 24 fleeces.

    Obviously off to a young farmers meeting.
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Are you on my team?
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    My personal fave was the green Italian combat jacket with 501s and Adidas trainers: very 'player'.
  14. "Playa" shurely?

    In my day the aspiring Crime Squad officer would wear Nikes, jeans (XXL waistband), Le Shark polo shirt and the de rigeur leather blouson. This would be finished off with a covert placcie bag, Tescos, to put your ultra-top secret Storno personal radio in (TWANG! TWANG!). Some tasteful jewellery was optional (ultra chunky belcher, maybe a sov).

    Tpt was courtesy of a beaten-up dark blue saloon with no hubcaps full of kebab wrappers. Times have changed, but the kebab wrappers remain.

    I personally favoured the De Niro "Taxi Driver" look (sans Mohican) with the old Vietnam era field jacket, jeans and brown DMs.

    I am now a mortgage-slave parent and cannot afford the gucci outdoor kit favoured by the operators of whom you speak. However, I still cannot bear to go all "Peter Storm" and rely on a trusty little spam number courtest of Mister Eddie Bauer and Co, purchased some ten years ago.
  15. Aaaaah. So that's what 'Eddie Bauer' is. In my last job I was given an 'Eddie Bauer Special Edition' Ford Expedition as a company car (that's Saudi, folks) and I mildly wondered what it meant. Not enought to actually find out, though. I always thought he was a spam racing driver or something, as the thing had a 5.7litre engine which could blow out most of the raghead Camaros at the lights.