Sartorial advice for civilian dinner.....

Discussion in 'Officers' started by DavetheApe, Sep 14, 2006.

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  1. Right. Fed up with searching so gotta ask.

    I've got a civvy formal dinner (black tie) coming up. I'm out now, but what's the form on miniature medals? I doubt if anyone else will have a clue, so I can't ask the organisers if its a "with decorations" thing. What do you reckon? My extensive collection includes Iraq + Clasp, so they might provoke some interesting conversations, a la "leave it Dave, it's not worth it".

    Cheers, Dave
  2. Unless it's service/ex-service, ditch the gongs, you'll look as big a knob as Russel Crowe turning up to the Oscars with his MBE on (and not even a miniture the prick!).
  3. I don't even think it was his MBE. Was his Grandads if memory serves....
  4. If there´s no military theme to the event, I wouldn´t wear miniature medals. As a conversation point, medals would have about as much impact on the average civvy as wearing your underpants outside your trousers. It also strikes me a bit old and crusty - the sort of thing you can only really get away with when you are over 65. However, they may have some trapping value with the more mature female guests (Dame Vera Lynn for example).
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    If it's a formal 'civic' dinner or something similar, then gongs may be appropriate but really only worth doing if you've got at least three or four, otherwise I wouldn't bother.
  6. Just checked and your right! What a cnut, wearing someone elses gong!
  7. Right - to. I'll not bother. Thanks to all who posted. Did have to think about it though when Jorrocks mentioned they might have pulling power with the more mature lady. Nowt wrong wi' that, Jorrocks lad!

    Cheers, and to all those still living the dream....... "Stag on!!!"
  8. Generally I would say if its not a military function you should either be wearing the real medals (Remembrance day etc) or nothing at all. Your miniatures should be put away when you hang up your Mess kit.
  9. Now that would make for some interesting conversations and could have serious pulling power (or not as the case may be).
  10. I would say wear them, if it's a formal function. The old crusty folk with honours i'm sure will wear their's. Your medals were earned and authorised, enjoy the night. I would wear the minatures instead of full size.
  11. Not all of us can wear our gongs as we are not allowed to talk about our exploits ssssshhh say no more
  12. Welll, did you pull an old dear using the shiny dangley things ??
  13. The best advice si to have them in your pocket, as you can't really tell itf they are appropraite until you get there. That way if you want to you can just slip them on, and if not appropriate you don't look silly.

    You have earned them, enjoy them!
  14. Go the whole hog, tip up in a smoking jacket sporting a fez and smoking through a long cigarette holder. Eat nothing throughout the entire meal, just quaffing large amounts of wine and port and regale your civilian friends with tales of heroics and do-daring in Sqn/NAAFI bars and German night clubs. Finally, once the meal has finish, start off a particularly filthy rugby song or conga line.

    That will ensure your invited back time and time again. Civvies love it.