Discussion in 'Seniors' started by FANG, Jan 17, 2002.

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  1. I should like to thank all the WO & Sgts' Messes which have entertained me over the years (particularly at Chrimbo), but.....could you please do something about the cleanliness of your beer mugs.  How else can you account for me peeing on my neighbours rose bushes and waking up in the gutter again every time you have me as a guest?   ;D  
  2. ROS

    ROS Clanker

    Fang, you must be a Devil....... thorns and all  :-/

    Officers 2 Sgt's mess ....... What can i say. never a better night of entertainment.

    Pitty it's not the same the other way round   8)
  3. Dear me ROS, you sound like you haven't actually enjoyed the regular (once every 2nd year) visit to the Rupert's Mess. I actually look forward to the two (small) glasses of warm beer and the delightful past its sell by date red wine. The ones I feel sorry for are the living in officers who dont eat the night before's Night Tray so that us enlisted scum can have some yummy food. What is especially nice is that normally after our 45 minutes is up we normally end up taking the freeloaders, sorry our hosts back to our mess. So come on ROS think of all the good times!!
  4. Oh God, yes, I remember the Mess being carpeted with legless subbies when they decided to accept the invitation to come back for some proper hospitality...

    Mind you, the living-in members' Keller Bar in the Officers' Mess provided a good point of refuge - I'm not sure either the RSM or the CO knew it was there, so it was always good for a few hours' solid degeneracy at the Sgts -> Offrs Chrimbo hooley.

    Of course, we had upwards of 30% of officers LE, which helped the tone of the place immensely.
  5. Yep the LEs are okay but you cant beat a drunk subbie for fun!!
  6. Funny that.  There never does seem to be any high jinx, jolly japes or high spirits on the menu when Mess members are invited.

    So lets have that invite to the, "Get smashed, have a swordfight, let off shotguns, thunderflashes, get naked and sexually abuse the civvy staff" night.

    After all it is only 'High Spirits'.
  7. Not allowed any more.  No letting off smoke grenades, no naked PT in the bar while fueled up on Red Bull and, I gather, no fighting your troops (as a group of subbies in a certain Armd Inf Regt did recently (very wise, I thought)).  All banned by the fun police.

    Think I'll go and get my cheque book and smash up my house just for the sake of the good old days.
  8. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    Hippy, of course those things are still allowed, it all depends upon the man at the top...

    Legendary CO:  The best! Brilliant fun, will lead the mess in Mess Rugby with a cabbage (Lethal object!!)

    Moderate CO:  Boring.  No life or amusement.  Generally stops the fun and has a stressed out Adjt who acts as his B*****d.

    Weak CO:  Easy to take advantage of and rebel against.  Probably the most dangerous as the subbies start to really go mad and loose the plot over time...
  9. Please do not introduce even thoughts of Officers Mess behaviour and standards into this mess thankyou. Generally speaking this Mess is full of adults. What is also annoying is that if a Pte soldier was caught doing many of the things that a subbie does in the mess, his feet would not touch the ground. Funny how ORs never indulge in High Spirits just offences against the AA 55!!
  10. Why is it that the Offrs always come back to the WO's & Sgt's Mess after they invited us to theirs in the first place! is that somthing to do with levvy or is it that the Offrs mess is pretty dull most of the time ! proof is WO's & Sgt's never go back to the Offrs mess after they invite the Offrs to theirs ???
  11. I think you hit the nail on the head Sarn't Major with the Dull bit! Of course it could be that they are also a bunch of tight arsed freeloading bastards!!
  12. ROS

    ROS Clanker

    Well, of course they wouldn't want us in the officers mess, they wouldn't like us to think they have fun !! :-/

    But i know from past, they let it all go when they are YO's then they have to grow up, well most of them ;D
  13. Tara, Ah ken yer a bit steamed up having mentions of Officers Mess behaviour within these hallowed walls, but theres nae need tae repeat yersel, repeat yersel, repeat yersel, ;D about time you were made Moderator, so that we can get a bit of decorum back into the only Mess that really counts. If yer lookin fur a yer man!!
  14. Aye ah ken what yer sayin' blue.  The big man was a wee bit gettin' carried away wiy heemself there pal.  

    The Tara is reet, the wee Jocks were always in front of the tartan table answering to the big man if they stuck the heed on anyone after a neet oot on the pish boy.  Do ya ken that aye?
  15. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    Tsk, Tsk RSM!!

    We ALL well know that the Subalterns coming to your mess and getting into all sorts of embarassing scrapes is poor behaviour, but the truth is that it provides a very important social function.

    Throughout the life of a Junior Officer, he will be graded not only by the Powers-That-Be in Glasgae, but more importantly by the chaps in your mess!  You make and break them!

    Keep them coming is my advice!!  We need the ammunition when it comes to writing their OJARs!