Sarkozys Guards have got the Scabies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. It's been revealed today that last August 3 to 4 Gardes Républicains (Gendarmerie members in charge of guarding the Elysées Palace where Pdt Sarkozy lives) caught the scabies because of the unsalubrious conditions of their quarters.

    This has been acknowledged by the Gendarmerie spokesman. 16 Gardes Républicains where living in a room barely fit for 10 with peeling walls and dirty bedding.

    Anonymous Gendarmes have said such conditions were unfortunately common in both Gendarmerie and military quarters, especially in French overseas department where Gendarmes and soldiers are sent on 4-month roulement missions.épublicaine-à-lelysée.html (in French)
  2. Having visited the aforementioned "guardroom" once, I can say it is no worse than anything our soldiers are expected to sleep in whilst on duty.

    A bit garlicy and not much soap I grant you but what do you expect?
  3. For inhabitants of 16th arrondissement ordinary soldiers are nearly subhumans. And they are being treated this way.

    Liberté, égalité, fraternité...

    The ideals are forgotten by French elites long ago and beautifull France is being ruled by the C..T and the T..T.

    Where is Le professionnel for the new edition of Le président N'Jala (and the worst copy of miss Frederiksen)?

    Edited to add. Have been to Paris 25 August last year. Gendames were neatly dressed, very polite and smiling.
  4. There is a BIG mistake in the Daily Mail article. The Gardes Republicains are NOT, repeat NOT ARMY they are Gendarmes.

    Just like telling an infantryman he belongs to the Military Police....
  5. A mistake in the Dalai Mail?

    I suppose there has to be a first time for everything. :roll:
  6. Wonder what they thought of the fug of beer from you lot :)
  7. And who's fault was that I wonder? They did look on in wonder as I sat on the Knighting stool with my head in my hands!

    oops......Will I go to the tower for that?
  8. Don't The Damned want him back?
  9. Nothing to do with me, honest. I was just an innocent bystander that night !!!! Sir Winston still herrumphs every morning at your shenanigans :lol:
  10. :clap:
  11. Keep it Sensible please.........................

  12. And I am surprised you can look him in the eye!!!!!!!!
  13. The Frogs have got scabies,and you want sensible comments!Yeah right!
  14. Oh dear.....You started it with The Damned.


    Or is it too early?