Sarkozy: US missile shield wont help security

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Nov 14, 2008.

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    Sometimes I have strange feeling that... no it is impossible of course... Though what if mr.Sarkozy is Russian agent?

    Let's recall recent war in Georgia. French president with Russian one forged so called plan that was entirely in Russian interests.

    Interesting who is Russian agent among leading British politicians? Or at least could be?
  2. It hurts me to say it, but he may well be right.

    It is possible that President-Elect Obama will turn out not to be one hundred per cent behind the 'Shaved-Chimp's' ideas concerning 'World Peace'.
  3. I do hope so.
  4. If France wants Russia & the US to end the missile fued, how about Russia stop frog marching Iran towards Nuclear ICBMs, blocking & obfuscating all international attempts to resolve the issue?

    Any takers...?
  5. And that's how the same event was presented in US: "Medvedev, With a Nudge From Sarkozy, Backs Off Missile Threat " (

    Looks like mr.Sarkozy is a "US agent"! :D
  6. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    I do like Sarkozy.

    but I couldnt be trusted with his wife, a bottle of champagne and some rohypnol.
  7. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Interesting who is Russian agent among leading British politicians? Or at least could be?

    We dont have any leading politicians. I wish we did.

    As for agents in the cold war George Smiley type. None. None whatsoever. Russian oligarchs sending a couple of cute boys towards a notably corrupt politician and possibly some nice words towards a Tory politician who is trying to be corrupt... very possibly. Sergey.... are you saying that this is the same thing??? that they have been hooked by GRU equivalents???
  8. How strange KGB_resident, you seem to have deleted the second and fourth paragraphs from the Yahoo report. I have added them above in italics and bold.

    When you add these two paragraphs, you will see, that in paragraph 5, he is actually speaking about the Russian Iskander-M missiles. See here: If Medvedev smiled and wagged his finger in joy, I suspect he should hire another interpreter. From the BBC link:
    I know some ARRSE posters are too lazy to check links and do some background research, but this was a VERY poor attempt to mislead people Sergey. You really do better.
  9. In hindsight, it looks like the AP writer has made up half her story. Sadly KGB_resident, you fell for it...

    He's the official Kremlin verson of events:
    Not even your own propaganda is trying to sell this as an anti-US position...
  10. Sergey old friend,
    I understand Russia's concern's about being surrounded bu 'Unfriendly powers' but The Euro zone is No Nazi Germany, far from it.
    However look east, China is populating other nations territories it desires. Their lies your Military Threat Not the decadent west.
  11. It's not Europe that botheres Russia, but the US in Europe and Caspian region. Competition.
  12. Errr... Europe 1st World, Russia 2nd World.

    Competition? Don't delude thyself...
  13. :D Don't delude yourself.
  14. The French are just being French and following there own interests and not those anyone else. US ABM system in Europe is viewed by French as compititon that would reduce there leverage over eastern europe. They have a desire to give eastern europe only one aceptable choice in all future events that choice being falling in line with a EU dominated by a French/German alliance. If the French can suck up to Russia while pursueing there own goals it will do so. If sucking up to the US help them then they will do that as well. Every country besides Germany needs to just understand that if it comes down to it the French wont think twice about selling themout if benefits to France are high enough.
  15. Dezinformacija :twisted: In the finest traditions of the Komitet 8)

    Dobro jutro Sergey :D