Sarkozy survives vote over Nato

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by slopsjon, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. Sarkozy survives vote over Nato

    About time. There was a time when Nato aircraft weren't even allowed to fly over French airspace.
  2. Too true.
    I could never understand the agreement when I did my EPC's in 1982!!!!!
  3. Now all that needs to happen is for NATO to agree.
  7. I supposed it was the easy answer to blame it on the French but since France never left NATO (only the integrated command structure) I can't see how NATO planes could have been forbiden to overfly french territory.
  9. 'On ne passe pas" ! or "No Pasaran" !
  10. Oh, and the frogs don't recognise the SBAs in Cyprus - unless of course French nationals need picking up from Akrotiri having scarpered from Lebanon.....

    I actually wish we were more like the French - having your gateau, eating it, and tying up your neighbours in useless European bureaucracy......
  11. Indeed we can all learn a lesson in 'Running away, surrendering then claiming glory when your country has to be liberated by several other nations'.

    Cnuts all of 'em.
  12. Don't forget the French role in Berlin and on "Live Oak".
  13. What will the Frog's get out of this? Sarky must have a motive?
  14. There is no hidden agenda.

    France's financial contribution to NATO is the 3rd or 4th highest and its troop contribution is about the same.

    For all its investment it only gets 2 "stars" in the command structure and it has no say in the strategic decisions.

    Why should countries like Italy or Spain that contribute less both in money and manpower than France crowd all the NATO HQs while France gets nothing ?

    France only wants return on its investment and the initial answer by the USA is apparently enthusiastic with more positions being offered than France hoped for .

    Be prepared to see a number of general slots given to France (or on a rotational basis) once the NATO PE review is over and be also prepared to see all those that were criticizing France for supposedly being "out" now criticizing it for coming back "in".