Sarkozy offers a WW2 Panther Tank to King Abdullah of Jordan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Feb 19, 2011.

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  1. Apparently, the king of Jordan is a WW2 buff...or maybe he suffers from the dreaded Wehrmacht Penis Envy so accurately described by some academics....

    Nevertheless, Carla's husband has seen it fit to offer one of France's 4 Panthers which until recently was exposed in the Saumur Tank Museum to his "great friend" the King of Jordan in exchange for two other tanks that experts have described as "useless".....according to some, it was the fully functionable Panther which used to be put on display every year in Saumur during the "Caroussel" of the Cavalry School.

    The Tank being property of the Armed Forces and Carla's husband being the boss of the said forces, he probably considered it was his very own property.

    I don't know what the dwarf was expecting in return but this is fcucking ridiculous ! :-(

    La France offre un tank au roi de Jordanie - L'EXPRESS

    (In French only)
  2. Links is some foreign gibberish
  3. 'cause it's not in English anywhere.

  4. Google Franglaise translation:

    Of France had only four copies of the German tank.

    It is a rare coin collection, which France had only four copies: a
    German Panther Tank (Panzer or V) from the Second World War. Great Britain and
    Germany each have a single specimen, the United States, two. Their value is
    "Invaluable," said one member who prefers to remain anonymous. And for good reason: the French State
    goes to exchange one of its precious Panther against two recent models of armored
    German little value. Reason for this fool's bargain? The craft, owned by the army and
    previously exposed to the Tank Museum at Saumur, was offered "by France" to King Abdullah
    Jordan, a collector of the period but also a great friend of Nicolas Sarkozy. Conveyed
    the Evreux air base in December 2010, the tank waiting to be recovered by incessantly
    its new owner. With less than a revolution ...
  5. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Translates as:
    edit: Beaten to it ...
  6. So Sako is swapping Abdullah a coin for two tanks?


    Sounds like bargain!
  7. What are the 2 useless tanks?
  8. French? Tanks?................I dont get it.
  9. Ill see you a google transaltion and raise you a bing translation:

    It is a piece of rare collection, the France held that four copies: German tank Panther (or Panzer V) dating from World War II. Britain and the Germany each have a unique specimen, the United States, two. Their value is "priceless" judge a military who prefers to remain anonymous. And for good reason: the French Government prepares to barter one of its valuable Panther against two recent models of German armoured vehicles without great value. Reason for this market of fools? The spacecraft, property of the army and previously exposed at the Museum of armored vehicles, at Saumur, was offered "by France" King Abdullah Jordan, great collector of this period but also great friend of Nicolas Sarkozy. Ferried on Evreux airbase in December 2010, the char expected shortly recovered by its new owner. At less than a revolution...

    Only 'cos it has 'Char' in it...lets forget this market of fools and hava cuppa :-D
  10. So he's swapping them a coin and a rocket for two knackered tanks?

    Doesn't sound such a good deal now..
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    No doubt he'll get it going and then set it loose on some pro democracy protestors

    President Obama stated "If the British Army had done it's job in 1944 that tank wouldn't be crushing nice Africans"
  12. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I don't see what the fuss is all about. Technically the tank should belong to us or the yanks. It's not like the frogs can claim it was a war trophy, everyone knows they were merely spectators.
  13. According to WW2 Allied Intel gathered from POWs, the Panther could not run more than 62 miles before requiring maintenance. After 1000 miles it needed a complete overhaul.....the protestors should be safe.
  14. Spectators? hell I didnt know they were even in the Stadium still....
  15. Was just thinking Saumur could have a great yearly event there

    the Running of the Panzers

    Frogs running for their lives at the sound of a Maybach engine

    Historic, & Healthy hold it in May