Sarkozy isnt messing about

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by clownbasher, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. France approves immigration curbs

    Know the French are not particularly popular here, but they're not afraid to tackle something when they set their mind to it...
  2. send 25,000 home - or does he mean 'to the UK!' To get the sample you have to catch them. Once you catch them, why bother with the DNA test, ship them back straight away.

    I still believe in the Language/Knowledge bit though, my parents had to do it when we emigrated to Canada in the 70s. It shows a bit of willing and also lowers the resentment of the diggies. If you had to put 4 questions on the UK entrance exam, what would they be? 1 of the questions on the French paper would probably be; do you hate the English - Y/N.(actually it's prob the only one required)
  3. be fair they never have been. I thought this Sarkosy character would be a bit of a wet fish but he seems pretty keen to put France back on the map. Not before time either, they'll be useful to have around if they start pulling their collective out.
  4. Q1 Why are you here?

    Q2 How long do plan on staying?

    Q3 Do you understand the rules?

    Q4 Why are you here again?
  5. Apparently 'A' is wrong :?
  6. Eh??
  7. My thoughts exactly, I chose 'A' as well!!

    I got 15 out of 20 on the test...... :(
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Well I managed 15 out of 20!
  9. 'cept on Bank Holidays, of course. MK
  10. What, all eight of them? :D
  11. The House of Lords more powerful "in medieval times"? Surely it was more powerful until the Parliament Act 1911? The question of whether hard drugs or alcohol are most linked to crime seems dubious too.
  12. 'How is the PM selected' question - Answer 'He/she is the leader of the party in power'.

    Er.... not exactly. The PM is usually the leader of the party in power, but HMQ has the power to appoint anyone she damn well pleases as PM; it's just that it is regarded as constitutionally correct to appoint the leader of the party in power. If the PM goes potty and has to be sacked, then HMQ appoints a new PM prior to the leadership election, so the PM isn't the leader of the party in power.

    The number of cabinet ministers is wrong as well (there are currently 23, rather than the 20 in the answer).

    Gaelic is not widely spoken in Scotland - the last census revealed that the number of speakers is at a point where if it drops by another couple of thousand it hits the point where the language is considered to be dead - less than 1% of the country spoke it in 2001.
  13. The test is a stupid idea. I think it is no more than a job and money raising scheme.

    Like the Basic Skills nonsense.
  14. The UK test is a bit of spin to make the government look like they have the same concerns as the public without actually doing anything substantive.

    Good about Sarkozy though. Breaking through the brainwashing of decades of PC can only be done in baby steps.