Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by skivivor, Jan 31, 2012.

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  1. I fu(kin hate him with passion the little gonk nosed shit£ he has a face that you could punch all day! Surely i am not alone why is this man still breathing? I bet his breathe stinks like a shit£pit too little turd! What is it about the French that is so shit£!!! Nuke it a turn it into a training area! Is this irrational i don't obviously know him but a cannot stand the sight of him even! Time to get to the Med Centre wonder if i can get FMed 8'd!
  2. carla-bruni-nude.jpg

    Would happily rip his wife to bits though.
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  3. That just makes me hate him even more cheers!
  4. The fu(kin mekon headed tw*t!
  5. In fairness, she looks like this now

  6. Hhahaha thats better SURPRISE you married a gnome!
  7. Have they swapped your medicine this morning, Skivivor? There there, let those men with the with overcoats into to the house, they won't harm you... Breathe easy.
  8. Just fed up of looking of pictures of the arrogant pri(k it must of took fu(kin years of inbreeding to develope that face of my shit£ doesn't stink crossed smuggness. I reckon he might even practice in the mirror!
  9. I'll just call him Jerk, if that's ok :)
  10. There is nothing irrational about hating the French, it's like breathing, you just have to get get on with it.

    Now I dislike the Belgians quite intensely, but unlike the filthy French there are no phlegmish personalities of note to hang your hatred on. Can you name a living Belgian of note, or even a dead one?

    They have a king of sorts I believe, the phlegms that is, but if he was worth his salt as the monarch of a one horse nation of unwashed kiddy fiddlers he would grant Tony Blair honorary citizenship and let us crack on with hating them!

    At least the vile French have the good manners to set up figure 12s like Sarkozy for us to focus our hatred!

    I'd rip through his missus though!
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  11. Plus that what you said. Let them go all they do is fu(k about in spray on tight combats and shit£ berets drinking coffee and smoking tabs anyway!

  12. So, what are you trying to say?
  13. Tintin, Jean Claude Van Damme, Marc Dutroix.
  14. I am started to think of comparsions with Tom Cruise ego crazed mofo!
  15. Skivivor why can't you type FUCK or SHITE?
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