Sarko tells it like it is....ooops....quelle horreur !

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Goatman, Nov 8, 2011.

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  1. Need each other like a fish needs a bicycle

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  2. Are a threat to Israels existence

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  3. Love each other really - donnez moi mon MacDo/pass the croissants Jaques

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  4. Both know a dodgy con-artist when they meet him....

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Oh dearie me....


    It is par for the course for politicians to brand each other liars, whether publicly or in reported speech....but Barry O' Barmer's rueful response says much about the US administration's weariness with Bibi's ways.....if Brit politicians and FCO types agonise over our alleged Special Relationship, I wonder how this goes down with the Sabras......

    Shame - it seemed the US were genuinely trying for a bit of rapprochement with France after the silliness that has governed their relationship since 2003.....

    The Torygraph's take is here....
  2. One of the Obama think-tank's better ideas, I feel.
  3. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Que? my Chapeau-d'ally is on the fritz again ...... say again all after 'One' ?
  4. Is this the same man who called the end to the Anglo Saxon economic model at the G20 two years ago? The man's a blithering idiot, he should stick to banging his fried egg fronted wife. Mr Netanyahu may or may not be guilty as charged, but this pocket sized fool is hardly who we should be listening to - or anyone else Gallic regarding Semitic relations. The French hate Jewish people, whilst the Danes were hiding them in their homes the Vichy were shipping the Jews off in Boxcars - before the Germans had even bothered to ask. It was the French actions during the Dreyfus Affair that kickstarted Theodor Herzl's desire for a Jewish homeland free of anti-semitic Frogs in the first place.

    Asking France about Israeli relations isn't that far off asking the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

    "A decision had been taken not to embarrass the French President". Another win for the fearless press. The French press were probably worried Sarkozy was stealing their Op-Ed.
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  5. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    You , Sir, take the langue-de-chat for the speediest use of the Nazi card in any Internet discussion this side of Proletarski.......Bravo Zulu that travel galled and refractory one.... in the spirit of the alleged Monty Python team's management style ' Right - everone who agrees with me say ' Sarkozy is a pint-sized Petainiste'....carried ? '
  6. I'm not usually the first to draw down Godwins Law, but the French really hate Jewish people (in their defence they're not that fond of anybody else either). If it had been the Danish or Dutch PM then I would be suprised.
  7. Ironically enough, it's only when politicians call each other liars, that we know they're saying something true.
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  8. But I think the point is not whether the Frogs hate or don't hate the jews, it's about the US dog being wagged by the Israeli tail.
    This just highlights it.
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  9. I have just looked at this in La Vanguardia and the translation is different.

    According to this Sarky says "I can't stand him. He's a liar." Different from the version in the English newspapers and seems to make more sense.
  10. Agreed, at least French foreigh policy is their own.

    The US gets its ME policy from Israel. Paradoxically this may be a good thing as the alternative is the US coming up with one on its own.

    Just kidding. Both are scary prospects.
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  11. I think you'll find plenty of Jews are well pissed off with the way Israel is behaving. But every time they say something remotely critical, they're branded "self-hating" by the more Zionist types.
  12. Well Bibi is untrustworthy, Barry knows that. He's repeatedly broken promises to DC throughout his career. Barry has been scolded by him in public but wearily has to deal with him. At the moment Bibi won't even give DC an assurance that he'll let them know before sending the IAF off to Iran and dragging DC into another costly war.

    Sarko is often an idiot, all he's doing here is expressing frank exasperation with Bibi to a colleague who probably feels it much more deeply. Bill Clinton was often driven to despair by the man even while pandering to him.

    Incidentally the little man was also not wrong about the "Anglo Saxon Economic Model" in 09, that appears to be heading into another banking crisis and as surely down the shitter with the Continental one. Only well regulated Canada is looking at all secure.
  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer


    At some point, under some administration, the 233M US citizens who DON'T have an emotional connection to Tel Aviv are surely gonna ask why it is that their foreign policy is determined there, I'm only joking - and will get my black leather trenchcoat..... ( " von Smallhausen! - put the Fraulein down and bring my stick")

    Ahem ....and never forget (as I'm sure Barry O'Barmer is never allowed to) that the New Hampshire primary date has just been announced......2012 is an election year Over Yonder......

    ( I remain indebted to FMP for the attached extrait which may strike the right note for the upcoming ex-Pres....)

    Françoise Hardy - Comment Te Dire Adieu? (Français / Español subs) - YouTube
  14. I am amazed at this reported exchange!

    Do i understand correctly?

    A US president that can converse in a foriegn language? I'm impressed!

    (Although you have to go back to Roosevelt for a President fluent in a foriegn language)
  15. there is this phrase in colloquial street arabic, charta barta. and if anyone exemplifies
    middle eastern charta barta culture its bibi netanyahu. fits right in to the region.,
    everyone of note does it to a greater or lesser extent. saddam hussein was at it all the
    time, and the dinner jacket in iran is at it now. the polite term in arabic is teqiyah, roughly
    translated dissimulation.
    the us ambassador to egypt noted this too (see wikileaks), when netanyahu and mubarak would meet.
    all the platitudes and drivel. it's not as if his position is not clear and stated, really.
    but netanyahu's charta barta is well appreciated, at least in the middle-east, where such
    camouflage, such beating around the bush, is normative.

    HOW EVER: the observation from the president of the islamic republic of france was in reply
    to obama's question as to why france voted against the usa at the un concerning recent
    pal activity (statehood). there was no policy discussion from sarkozy, (which is, really,
    we the french government are automatically against your interests when we can be, look at the home we gave
    to ayahtolla khomeni, yasser and suha arafat etc.) what was asked by obama, quite

    what obama got was a personal attack on the head of government of a u.s. ally, rather than
    any policy illumination.

    it was actually obama who was insulted (bibi netanyahu knows what he's doing).