Sarg Promotion boards?

Have a word with your MCM Div Dest Officer, having a late cr can be serious but you have to make some moves yourself, you cant just wait and whine. see your C of C they need to be on top of these things but so should you
so have you seen these crs in an interview with your ROs and signed them?
If not and you have missed a promotion board and are qualified for your next promotion you need to stick in a redress as your career has been adversely effected by other failures that was out of your control.

PM with any other details if you dont want to give to much.
Hope that helps you
So what if a cr has not been signed by all parties concerned yet is viewed on promotion boards over the years, who has to shoulder the burden?
Remember board members r well experienced in the subject of promotion and careers and extremely fair!!!
Perhaps a number of viewers of this thread could well advise on this type of situation if it were to occur, if not already.
What Im getting at is your first original thread. Basically its a load of bollards if that is what u believe pardon the French. The reporting system is so easily open to abuse all the way from the bottom of the chain until it hits the promotion board.Scenario (I write cr on yourself without u even seeing it and no signatures in signature block, fax it to MCM Div, bet ur bottom dollar it inadvertently reaches promotion board and u wouldn't have a clue,better still promotion board members view it and still deliberate on that cr. Now thats abuse of the system from bottom to the top!!!
So with reference to a redress what r u redressing the report you have never seen or the system (Remembering the word Policy)
Sorry but it really depends on what you are trying to establish. do you think, you have been hard done by?
Do you want a remedy?
What kind of remedy to you want?
Believe me J Im very much on top of the situation.So much so, it cant go any further than where it is at the moment!!!
:If so you would not be asking
AS said before If you want PM me and i can help without posting in the open but that's an invite into my knickers :wink:
Still fishing r we J!! Just after a bit of advice on the scenario, if a redress was submitted who would be in your words accountable?Remeber the balance of probabilities and Policy.
On the subject of redress of complaints, apparently there is a new proposed guideline to speed up the redress process. I wonder if that is the proposed tri-service system anticipated 05/06 which brings in another tier in the system ie A Tri Service Panel at 2* level before the Service Boards. It is expected they will be able to weed away many if not all redresses at there level by giving the Sevice Boards more time to concentrate on other issues. The only problem which is the same as now, when financial implications r involved will the 2* Tri panel be able to sanction these? (Back 2 square one, adding more time this time round than previous system!!!)
The redress system is going to change very drastically soon, However it will not be how the MoD or the service boards would like it. Rumours doing the rounds are that members of Defence select committee are thinking of introducing an independent outside body to over look and ensure investigating Officers and Board members do not provide the press with more stories of cover up.

Now thats abuse of the system from bottom to the top!!!
So with reference to a redress what r u redressing the report you have never seen or the system (Remembering the word Policy)
the balance of probabilities
Just ask for your unsigned ACR from your desk Officer then open your calendar, find the Promotion Board dates, and you have your evidence and that is cold hard facts to present as evidence that your career has been fouled. also compare your MYA with the PP if very different then this, too will go in your favour. Failure to comply with ACR timtables will result in prejudicing a soldiers career. in your post you mentiond you have been to the top.
was that Army Board?
What is meant by the top K was the final stop for an ACR ie Promotion Board.
The example I have giving is a scenario, perhaps maybe u cud advise on this type of behaviour if it were to occur.
To elaborate on the scenario more, what if the desk officer was aware of the unsigned faxed ACR and that he acknowledged after investigation that it had been presented and viewed by board members over a number of years say 5-10 maybe!!!! (Shocking I hear u say) The question is what r u redressing the illegal ACR or the system it has processed through?
I think it is hind time that the gloves were off and the whole promotion system reviewed and a further tight reign placed upon it to stop these blatant/accidental adverse occurences happening. Simplicity springs to mind.

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