Guys I find myself in the uneviable position of having to research this disease.

Is there anyone else out there that has been diagnosed with it? Were you out in the sandpi MK1?

Just trying to find any possible link with exposure to DU and anything else that was knocking around in the enviroment at the time.

Horses suffer with this a lot but its particularly writhe in greys.

Don't think this is what you need to know but i would be interested to find out more for you! I am just embarking on a biology degree so this is right up my street!!
wouldnt the Gulf War Veterans be first place to call? The only person i know who contracted this wasnt in the forces, but was only early 20s, he was told it was more likely at his age to contract it, and it was his own body causing it, not much help, but id still contact Gulf War Assoc
Wot are you after specifically because i can answer both to having the disease and being on the beach in sandpi mk1
Hi there guys, I started my application to the TA around 3 months ago had the medical that was fine but because im taking steroids for heartfords syndrome sarcoidosis they have P8'd me, Im yet to find out if its the sarcoidosis its self or the steroids thats the cause of the rejection but let me tell you im ******* piss'd!

Ive had a look at the post with the download: JSP 346 Chapter 3, Leaflet 5: on the Respiratory system and conditions of medical failure, and it does not mention sarcoidosis as a failure.

I would like to know if the JSP 346 Chapter 3, Leaflet 5 has been updated or if anyone else has been accepted with this condition??

Many thanks Mathew
There is no good science on Gulf War syndrome. There are a ton of conditions that seem more prevalent in veterans of the gulf wars, but this may not be a suprise given the psychological trauma. It also appears that similar conditions are experienced after every war, streatching back to the first solid statisitics collected after WWI.

Basically, your sarcoidosis could well be caused by exposure to agents in the sandpit, but to say that it acually is would be guesswork of the highest order. Unfortunately, this means that you are very unlikely to get any compensation for this condition (particularly given the current MOD attitude to compensating soldiers), although if you find out that you were in an area with high DU or acetylcholinesterase inhibitors then you might stand a chance.

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