Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by rickshaw-major, Oct 4, 2008.

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  1. For those who served in Bosnia and remember Sarajevo - this video shows Stari Grad as it is now. Now the music in this neck of the woods sounds like a Turkish cat being strangled using its own nads but this is quite catchy 8)
  2. Sarajevo is definitely worth a trip, r-m, although British Airways are stopping their direct flights from Gatters at the end of October.

    You can still get there via Vienna or Budapest on other airlines.

    Mostar is worth a visit as well.
  3. I'm here already Kingo :D

    If you are in the area give me a shout. Always a spare bed at chez R-M!
  4. I always felt weird driving from a bomb flattened bullet ridden hole over the bridge to the town centre which looked like any other European City shopping area 8O
  5. R_M,

    That video is excellent and involves all Walks of Life around Bascarcija, what a sight down town is in mid Summer! shame we are now heading into Winter here :roll:

    I much prefer this Video of some Sarajevan Girls:
  6. I know mate - its t1ts away for the winter. However the good news is that said young ladies are now squeezing their arrses into jeans 2 sizes to small for them and digging out the FMB's.

    Happy days :D
  7. FYI - its called Dabogda

    Inshallaha in Arabic!
  8. Good vid that!

    Whats Gornji Vakuf like these days? If I had the chance to visit one place from my army days again, it would be GV. I just hope the two sides of the population have been able to bring themselves to cross the main drag again...
  9. They do talk to each other MM. I'm not saying that the war has been forgotten but they are a bit more pleasant to each other. One of the problems here is that the Politicos ARE crooks and will say anything to keep themselves in power.