Sarajevo to Gornji Vakuf

Discussion in 'Travel' started by wedge35, Dec 6, 2010.

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  1. It's been 13-odd years since I was last in Gornji Vakuf, but I'm planning to visit whilst I'm in Bosnia around October next year. As there are a fair few Bosnia residents on ARRSE, I hope someone can give me a few pointers about how to go about getting a bus from Sarajevo to GV, how long it's likely to take and whether it's possible to return to Sarajevo the same day. Also, if any kind soul would be good enough to point out on Google Maps (or wherever) where exactly the old P Factory and Tom Factory are, it'd be much appreciated. I've got a feeling that the P Factory is the sizeable compound to the North-West of the town but it'd be just my luck to walk there and find that it's a fat rendering plant or the HQ of the moonies or something.

    Cheers in advance...
  2. I'd recommend going to the bus depot to start......
  3. If you're going to be a clever cnut, it helps to actually know what you're talking about; there are two bus stations in Sarajevo ;)
  4. Sarajevo - Travnik - Donji Vakuf or

    Sarajevo - Bugojno - Donji Vakuf

    Don't know the bus timetable but I can find out for you. But why the bus - its will be purgatorial in the extreme and will take at least 3 hours each way. Hire a car for around 35 Euros (70 BAM) and you can do it in one day.

    I will find out the details of the bases for you but truth to tell a drive around would be better :) Plus if you are looking to rent a room in a pansion there are 2 prices - yours and the one a local will pay. Eating and drinking in Sarajevo can be done easily for around 25 BAM per day if you pick the correct (local) places.
  5. Is Bosnia relatively safe enough for gawping Brits driving around looking at old factories and road junctions?

    I wouldnt mind going back there one day (in the summer of course).
  6. Alright Billy-2-bus-stations..........I'd recommend the bigger of the 2

  7. Very safe :) No problems at all apart from the usual nutters (of which we have a lot more relatively speaking in some of the shitholes in the good old U of K). Motto 0 don't drink in shitholes at 3 a.m..

    And the girls here are mostly NOT fat mingers but actually take care of themselves.
  8. Are you trying to say that the film "Hostel" isn't real?!?!!!

    I wouldn't mind having a look around Bosnia again.....
  9. Wedge,

    Yes, it's possible to make the trip in a day.
    - Take the bus from Sarajevo to Bugojno (departs at 10am, arrives at 12.50, return ticket costs around 15 Euros).
    From Bugojno it's best to take a taxi to Gornji Vakuf (should not cost more then 7-10 Euros, one way) and back (Probably, therea are some local buses too, but I could not find an online schedule).
    The last bus from Bugojno to Sarajevo is at 5.30pm.

    I can send google kmz files with locations of Tom and Precision to your email address.
    Welcome again to Bosnia!
  10. Thanks for the info R_M - much appreciated. I take it the Donji Vakuf bus runs from the bus staion near the main train station?

    Given that there are bits of Land Rover spread from Tomislavgrad to Sanski Most from the last time I attempted to drive in Bosnia, these days I prefer to leave my life in someone else's hands. You know you're a bad driver when you freely admit that Balkans bus drivers are more skilled than yourself...

    Would you mind if I PM'd you closer to the time?
  11. I went to Sarajevo and Mostar 2 years, felt completely safe and at ease everywhere.. Its well worth going back, especially now its economy has picked up somewhat.
  12. No problems - if you like I will drive you there - but let me know a couple of months in advance as I have to go to the US of A sometime - I will be a Grandad:) And FFS let a local book hotels for you - but not an interpreter from here as they tenmd to make money. I can do it if you want.
  13. Many thanks for that, HQ SSW - hadn't noticed your post before so apologies for not thanking you sooner.

    And cheers again R_M. Intending on staying 3 days in Bosnia; flying down from Prague and well definitely get in touch before I'm there :)
  14. served at p factory gv 1998 attached to 39 engineer regt would love to revisit ! who was your there with ? i run regt stores and ors and sgt mess bars let us know if the factory is still there regards kev casey (scouser )
  15. Anybody know what Mt Igman is looking like these days? I spent several months up there in 95 overlooking Hadzici and also in the Igman Hotel, or what was left of it! I would be great to hear that the ski resort was back up and running.