Sarajevo/EXPATS + Culinary reasons to be cheerful Part I

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gundulph, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. FINALLY!!! for any Expats currently working/living or stuck with no way out of Sarajevo... you/we no longer have to get a relative/friend to send out any Chinese/Indian related spices and things to make our/your curries etc.! there is now a shop not far from the Ciglane Market, which sells everything and anything Chinese/Indian food related... gone are missing the old days of the huge Jasmine Rice sacks from the old Norwegian PX, this new shop has sacks of Basmati and Jasmine Rice from India and the Far East, there is also a service that delivers Sushi direct to your door... the following websites are related to the above: (will be fully up and running soonest)

    Enjoy 8)
  2. MOD's I may have been a bit quick with this as in adding to the correct Forum, can you MOD chaps possibly move this across to the Cookery Forum... appreciated...
  3. The only spice/stock a man needs in Serbia is 'Vegeta'- the man's choice of food enhancement. Made in Velika Kladusha by inbred morons it can be relied upon to ruin almost any meal
  4. Vegeta the food of Gods... I have to disagree with you as vegeta is the poor man's equivalent of the posh stock-cube! I love the stuff, and can make a damn fine Soup just using it, a potato and an Onion + 1 x large loaf of home baked bread & butter :wink:
  5. Never could use it in my own cooking- although the women used to make krumpirsna [sic]- thin dough with chopped potato/vegeta, made into a spiral shape and baked. bl00dy lovely that was.