Sarah Tather runs away bravely

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. I'd have been more impressed if she had resigned immediately and not dragged it out until the next General Election - or resigned and fought a bi-election in her constituency under her true colours - 20 months is a long time to stick around with a face like a smacked arse.
    Let's be honest here - she is a bit of a nonentity, who would never have got a sniff at a Ministerial brief without the current arrangement being in place.
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  2. "...the moment of realising that my own party was just as afraid of public opinion as the Labour Party. "

    She seems to think that her party's policies should be divorced from public opinion. Her constituents should be very glad to see the back of her. Her type of politician needs to be kept out of Parliament.
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  3. Trouble is, it is stuffed to the rafters with precisely her type of politician - careerists, who have never held down a job in the real world. If you had a clear out, there wouldn't be much left - now there's a thought!
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  4. Perhaps we should try and change the system from within and start an Arrse political party. I'd volunteer to stand for the Monmouthshire ward. We seem to have members all over the country, who would you stand for and how much is the deposit these days? Could it come out of funds?
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  5. Parliament has finally woken up – because voters are keeping their MPs in line » The Spectator

    Which I more or less agree with but....would we have kept going in WW2 if it was left to public opinion? If politicians only give the public what it wants we'll be in a dire state. There's a balance, they need to sell their policies and decisions, we need to remind them that they're accountable.

    As Lilley notes, the public are no longer party for life voters.
  6. Basically, Sarah was, and remains, an unreconstructed Marxist so is unable to find an appropriate political home in any of the currently extant Parties operating in UK politics at this time.
    Which same all goes to prove that if you contort a set of sincerely held beliefs for long enough your s**t gets well and truly twisted.
    True, the immediate resignation of the party whip a week before the Lib Dem Party Conference would have been more damaging to the Clegg crew but I won't beat up on her for not falling on her sword, forcing a mid term bi election and creating a shoe-in for Liebor.
    Whilst I vehemently oppose her shade of politics I tip my hat to her for taking the courageous decision to walk away from the Westminster trough before the cloak of her dignity became too bespattered with infamy by association.
  7. She's not walking away! Despite "her principles", she will continue to draw her parliamentary salary for the next 20 months. Courageous my arse!
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  8. You can't steer a ship from the shore.
  9. Granted, but exactly what influence will she have on her rapidly diminishing party within the Westminster bubble? Will she have a voice and be given a respectful hearing, or will she be ignored and treated like the nonentity she is? I know where my money lies.
  10. What are the alternatives? A costly unnecessary by-election which would not give a better outcome?
  11. Why there? Are you a Harding-Rolls?!

    My nephew ran in the Monmouth Local Council elections last year. Lost by about 20 votes and has since been overseen by Labour for another post because he isn't female...
  12. It would leave a better taste in the mouth. Perhaps she could have kept her council until the date of the next General Election is announced? Still, much better to make it all about her though isn't it? Just another typical example of the shallow, celebrity obsessed no-marks we have foisted on ourselves.
  13. Would you rather have someone oldschool like Bill Walker MSP? She seems to have more integrity than the average politician, and the timing is probably more to do with igniting debate about her party's direction and aims at the forthcoming conference than about self-publicity. Still, why let reason get in the way of prejudice?
  14. She is batting nightwatchman on her wicket to prevent another Liebor seat whilst having to swallow the scowls and recriminations,the petty jibes and snide remarks...she is earning every penny.
    She has not slagged her leader,despite being dropped from the chosen, buying them time to regroup and is knowingly kissing ta ta to any further political career for the sake of her principals.
    Respect is earned, not bought; and earned by actions not words....this is not an easy path Sarah has decided to take, neither is it a rewarding one.
    Put yourself in her shoes.....this is the not hanging onto the public tit, regardless; this is getting kicked, regardless!