Sarah-Jane Honeywell made me happy

I know that she has been on here many times, however I have to say that she made my night last night. I was being dragged to the Theatre to watch Bobby feckin' Davro with the wife and sprogs, when who should be in the show too but Sarah-Jane off of the Telly. I had no idea.

To be fair, I have always found her quite irritating on TV but easier on the eye than some of the others on Ceebeebies (anyone with young kids will know what I mean - she made the dross you normally have to sit through tolerable). However in the flesh I have to say that she was very nice. Don't get me wrong - too much energy by half and seems like very high maintenance, however watching her leap about in her pert tight fitting tops, short skirts and thigh highs........and let's not talk about the scene in the basque........



Bobby fucking Davro, where's your self respect?

I know....I know.....You lose more that you think once you go up that aisle.....


The Talibanics won't suspect they are SF super-kids and then BANG they're dead. Back home in time for milk and medals and into school before the start of double maths. Why am I not Defence Minister?
A classic line:

Mrs Fleming, from Leyland, said: "I'm not counting the cost but my tickets were £52 and you don't pay £52 to see some bloke make out with a kangaroo.
I would have thought that that sort of niche entertainment would very expensive - it's not as if it's your usual dog, pig or horse bestiality.
she's so fucking hot. I put her on that 'celebs tits oot challenge' or whatever it was called thread last year.
Very naughty on 'higgldy piggldy house' with justin, i want to see the adult version where he spanks her bare bottom red (then knocks her hip out over the kitchen table).

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