Sarah Brown - would you?

Sarah Brown - would you?

  • Yes, in every hole, when ever, where ever

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  • Yes, well maybe if Abby Titmus was the fluffer

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  • Yes, well maybe if Cherry Blurr was the fluffer

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  • No, I'm gay

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  • No, I have erectile dysfunction

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  • No, I have standards

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  • No

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I would. Mostly because her husband has fcuked me sevral times, and will do it even more in the next few years! As he will fcuck all of us!
jack-daniels said:
A bloke from 2 Para used to 'frequent' her before she met GB. He also wrote a book but not about her!

Heard about him, apparently he was a Falklands vet, who got kicked out for drug offences??
i agree with old_fat_and_hairy, also when i transfer to the navy i could sell my story to the tabloids, a blow by blow account!!!!

you never know, she might be a real goer in the sack
these are incredibly boring threads what do you expect as an answer?
a] yes i would or
b] no i wouldn't
c] i wouldn't touch it with yours etc. ?
d] i/my mate/i know someone who did do her?