Sarah Brown joins Harrods Board

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. Never mind going into the jungle, wife of our former Prime Mentalist Gordon Brown has joined Harrods as a non-executive director.

    Developing marketing plans, including corporate social responsibility programmes. Gosh. Wonder how an ordinary mum from Scotland got that job.

    "Flights, accommodation and transport paid for me and my staff; value £6,645.44 for dinner and speech to World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), Doha. Address of Qatar Foundation: PO Box 5825, Doha, Qatar. Hours: 4.5 hrs. (Registered 16 January 2012)

    I am not receiving any money from this engagement personally. It is being held by the Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown for the employment of staff to support my ongoing involvement in public life."
  2. How dare an intelligent woman who had a career and ran a PR & Marketing business before marriage take a job that involves PR & Marketing. Where's the work ticket?
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  3. Intelligent woman? Hmmmmn She married Brown. Perhaps she has a dark side.
  4. She's not that intelligent. She married Gordon.
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  5. Is that "The Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown", the charity that Mr Brown set up so that he and the fragrant Mrs Brown don't profit in any way from the massive payments they get?

    £6,645.44 trip for 4.5 hours of work. Nice!
  6. Ghastly place for the Underclass with more money than sense. Good Fit. If had been Fortnum and Mason then it would have been a sign of the Rapture.

    On the once in a rare as Rocking Horse Shit time I need to go into "Horrids" I always ask them to put their wares into a Poundstretcher bag that I take along especially. I can't be seen on the tube with anything as Gauche as a Horrids Bag.

    Rapture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  7. And he's still never leaned to drive.
  8. Who cares? Is it a surprise that some Labour supporting bin wants to work for some arabs? Personally, I don't give harrods the time of day.
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Would the Quatar Foundation from whom Ms Brown is receiving no money be at all linked to Harrods owner Quatar Holdings? The next issue of Private Eye might be interesting.
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  10. Thats another good reason for never shopping there....!
  11. That's a good thing. There are enough incompetents on the road.
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  12. After leaving university, she worked at the brand consultancy Wolff Olins. When she was 30, she went into partnership with her old school friend Julia Hobsbawm, starting the Hobsbawm Macaulay public relations firm together. The firm landed contracts with the New Statesman, owned by Geoffrey Robinson.

    Who would have believed it, a woman who was quite successful actually going back to work, whatever next
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  13. If he couldn't keep his one good eye on the Budget, what makes you think it'd be any better on the road?
  14. Fixed that for you
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  15. Tories call it "Networking" and strangely see nothing wrong with it. When they do it.

    No public money involved. There's nothing to see here