Saracen with 2 Div badge - New Forest Saturday 17th Jan ?


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If it was you trundling around my village in a Saracen with a 2 Div badge on the rear door - who gave you permission to smoke in the Commander's position then ? And those shades are definitely not issue - get down here and gimme ....LOADS ! :D

Be interested to see a pic here - not a vehicle I tend to see on the roads much, even near Bovvy .

red faced runner


Hi, it was more than likely MY Saracen 83 BA 78, civvy reg no. 225 XUF,you saw in your village in January, I was out for a drive with a friend (who was inside!), it was his mate who was riding in the turret, he will be beasted for smoking! and won't be coming out in it again! look on the HMVF website for a nice picture of it, on Overlord 2009 show report/photos, contact me and maybe we can arrange a ride out?....


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