Saracen and Humber 1 ton "PIG"

Hi All ,
Anyone know where I can get scale models of the above vehicles, sad I know, but I was in the RCT many moons ago and would like a reminder of the times I was on OP Banner.
None of the big model makers do anything like them, So assume it would be a specialist firm



I am sure that Airfix did them. Only other suggestion is to try ebay?
thanx for that havent seen them in any of their back catalogues, though they do seem to do all the oddball vehicles of other nations, there are very limited selections of british military vehicles


I found a small metal toy saracen on a market place in Zurich. It is quite good and as it brought back memories I just had to have it. It cost me 10 CHF and now sits on one of my book cases.
right thats woodys xmas pressie sorted probably more tasteful than lawerence of arabia dvd

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