SAR to be privatised?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Apr 17, 2006.

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  2. Oh, for crying out loud.

    If the MOD cutback their expendeture on crack, then maybe we would have more money for things the military need.
  3. I suppose the choice is either this or further cutbacks in the service that is provided. Doubtless, calls for help to the civilianized service will be routed to Delhi or somesuch.
  4. Very true,plus a commitment to 'quotas and our share holders profits plus we will rescue people if we have not exceeded our budget for such activities and its within the guidelines of Health and Safety' and some cringeworthy mission statement which will probably result in a second rate service to replace the first class one in place at the moment.
    Some things are best left out of the hands of the private sector and SAR is one of them.
  5. Where the **** are they going to get trained sar crews from ?And what happens when the services need a sar crew to go somewhere
    outside the uk .Dosent the Raf train in cyprus and canada? Seems a really bad idea
  6. Not to mention the aircraft sporting advertising in order to earn revenue or maybe even the crew checking to see if you have insurance before winching? "Sorry, your insurance covers fire and sinking. You've run aground. You got a credit card?"
  7. Good point and I'm sure the personnel in Delhi all speak Scots Gaelic or else you've got a long wait on the top of Cnap Coire na Spreidhe as you nurse your broken leg. Might stop those 'experienced' hillwalkers though, the ones in shorts and t-shirts.
  8. No time to post, off to buy some Bristows shares.
  9. Yesterday that would have been a great idea..... now you probably couldn't afford them. That's the market for you. :?
  10. Your right PP, can't afford them now. Should have bought them when Bristows was just a retirement home for technical personnel.
  11. Don't the RAF use the SAR crews to train up men for CSAR?

    And I beleive they can be sent abroad if neccesary to carry out SAR also. I hardly think a civvie 9-5, closed weekends and holidays, profit making (which is what a private firm does) company is really going to carry out the role as well as what we currently have.

    The current system works, which includes the volunteer RNLI, mountain rescue, cave rescue and other groups who als carry out this role. Why does someone see the need to cut it back?

    Oh, thats right, it is too costly, despite the government raiseing taxes. If the government stopped throwing money down the black hole that is the NHS (pen pushers and bean counters that is not medical staff), amongst other things, we would have more money for this sort of essential task.

    These men are all military, or at least civil servants that have a similar ethos in the case of the coast guard, this means that they are hugely versatile and can be used on all manner of jobs with out missing a step. Civialian sector SAR helping out in foot and mouth/fire strikes/bin men strikes/etc. I rather think the contract will be pulled out at that point.

    Oh look, this service was never specified.
  12. eBay now selling Yellow Sea Kings, Houchin starter trolleys, rubber suits and cable winches.
  13. And the link? I need to get my mother-in-law into the attic flat somehow.
  14. If they really wanted to cut costs for SAR then why not do as some of the European countries (Norway?) do.

    If you call the rescue services out then you PAY for it.
    Everybody who goes out into the ullu up there has to have insurance just in case.

    This doesn't mean that you have to show the winch guy your insurance form before he will pick you up but they will present you with a bill afterwards.

    Maybe the thought of a couple of grand bill might stop some of these arrseholes from going up into the mountains etc in shorts and flipflops carrying only a mobile phone and a London tube map.