Sappers wedding.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by oldgadge, Jan 29, 2012.

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  1. This lad has just completed his phase 1 training and is going on to train as as a VMech, if you look carefully you can see one of his tyre levers artfully disguised as a sword. He also appears to be carrying a roll of masking tape for emergency repairs.
    Can anyone identify the medal ribbon?

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  2. Apart from all the other issues (Sapper? Shurely shome mistake. Ed), and hoping its not a wah, I think the medal is the pre-1962 (?) GSM. I am not a Walt hunter - I leave that to others, I personally don't give a damn about them - but there is a certain aroma in the air here.
  3. And your point is?
  4. My point is that this sprog is wearing a sword and a medal ribbon that he is not entitled to. It is possible that the medal MAY be legit, but recruits do not, ever, get issued with swords.
  5. My bad, sorry.
  6. They don't get issued wives, mothers-in-law or flowers either, and he seems to have one of each.
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  7. Getting married in uniform seems pretty vulgar. Too American.
  8. I expect he borrowed his big bruvvers outfit to save dosh.
    Any pics of the honeymoon yet?
  9. Edited, since nobody else had asked.

    Edit; what the hell's going on with his belt?
  10. Looks like an MC ribbon, photo shop?

    Surely should be a crafty's wedding
  11. Not a sapper! definitely has a look of a craftsman! untidy little grease monkey!
  12. Course he's not a Sapper!!!! Look that skinny badge! Big red band around twat hat(black on a Sappers) Non existant sloping shoulders (well defined and firm on a Sappers) non existant beer belly (bought and paid for on a Sapper), shapely figure of his bride (woman that looks like a badly packed sausage with a Sapper).
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  13. He's borrowed someone elses "Blues" for the wedding in my often bolloxed opinion.
  14. Looks like REME, with an OSM Afghanistan to me. Meh.