Sappers or Infantry?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Harmy, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. Hi all
    Im new to this site so please go easy on me. I have done my Barb test and i am swaying between the above in the title. Basically i want a front line job but want something for when i come out. How much infantry work do you do when in RE? Any info on day to day life would be great. Im also interested in infantry but what are the chances of any trade training if someone from the infantry could also give me some info that would also be great. I have tryed the search but not so great and i have also been on the army homepage but this is not so giving on info.

    Thank you in advance

  2. Primarily you do soldiering, it depends which trade you do. If you're a draughtsman for example you play PC games all day, but Plumbers say are rarely called upon in Afghan. That's what I was told anyway, I hope the RE does combat/ patrols/ ambushes etc. :eek:
  3. Wah.
  4. Fella,
    its very simple, you are a soldier first and a sapper second, your trade or combat engineering will be used in many ways in many places but you will always be required to keep your basic military skills perfected.
    But as a sapper you should come out with a trade of somekind after your service
  5. So that means Patrols? Or do the Inf. deal with that?
  6. I know i will be a soldier first but like Trussell said i would like to be doing combat/ patrols/ ambushes etc.. How much of this do you do???? I dont want to be stuck in a hanger all day or a work shop.
  7. onA couple of weeks ago I put a thread up on here about what armoured engineer training in the sappers is like and will I do the infantry stuff. The anwser was yes but I'm not in the Sappers (yet) so I wouldn't take my word for it. Its worth having a look thought.
  8. what do you think mechanised inf do all day??? stuck in a hanger sorting the A vehicles out. infantry are just infantry 1 skill. SAPPERS use 3 skills go to 9 / 59 if you want more.
  9. Yeah sappers fcuking own. Infantry are Combat, combat and combat. If you want variety go RE.
  10. Thanks all for the info. Thats helped alot. Just want to have a varied job in there. I think its the sappers for me. Now just a trade to sort out? What is the best trade to do? Im thinking plant operator??
  11. So what is th 9/59? sorry if this is a stupid question!
  12. I'm not sure what the best trade overall is, I'm going in as an armoured engineer and I'm happy with my choice (at the moment). I could really tell you much about planties except they dig stuff and knock stuff down! I don't think theres a massive wait to be a plant operator either which I guess is good.
  13. Have you done your selection yet? If so where did you do it? Im still trying to get my run time down. 12 mins cross country at the mo. yes i know its poor. lol
  14. I passed my selection at Pirbright on 25th January and I start my basic on 10th September. I dunno what stage of your application your at but I'd say you definetly need to work on the run before selection. Otherwise you run the risk of possible having a bad day, running even slower and failing which you wouldn't want. As most people would say always run 3 or so miles rather then 1.5. Try to do 7 minute miles ( or aim to do) then you'll urinate on the 1.5. As they say no pain no gain!
  15. Yer i try to run 3 miles every day or so but i do it cross country to make it harder. Its 12mins but that is with doddging round puddles. I might try on the road tomorrow. Ive not done much running lately has i need new trainers and dont want to get injured. I had to hold up my application due to having a operation but about to start it again. I read you post i may put Armd down has a option.