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Just seen this picture on a website : -

Now this Sapper, appears to be on patrol with the Royal Marines. I assume this happens with all infantry units who are deployed on tour. That a number of Sappers from whatever regiment it may be are attacted to infantry troops/platoons. Would this be a correct assumption? If this is the case then what part of the RE does this, would it be a Field Squadron or is it a specific section within the field squadron, or something else altogether? Is a whole section attached or just individuals? There job I would imagine is close support combat engineering, what would that entail?

On a completely different point now, and just out of general curiousity, do all RE regiments have recce troops?

Every Royal Engineer from Sapper to Lt Col could find himself on patrol with the infantry. On my last tour we had MPFs and Clerks of Works on patrol with Danish and American troops, as well as Captains and Majors. All trades are needed all over the place, Field Squadron troops are in the thick of it.

In our case there was normally one engineer in a section of infantry and the tasks included route recce, bridge recce, demolitions..(and the list goes on). A Sapper is many things....

What is a Sapper? This versaltile genius...condensing the whole system of military engineering and all that is useful and practical under one red jacket. He is a man of all work of the Army and the public - astronomer, geologist, surveyor, draughtsman, artist, architect, traveller, explorer, antiquary, mechanic, diver, soldier, and sailor, ready to do anything or go anywhere: in short, he is a Sapper!

Extract from 'History of the Royal Sappers and Miners' by Captain TWC Connolly
off the top of my majority do though....Close Support/Field Regiments/General Support deffo...and so does The Para and Commando elements....Engineer recce is up there at the front with the rest of them.
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