Discussion in 'Sappers' started by hobnob81, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. can someone give me their honest opinion, im 25 and have been have wanted to join the forces since childhood but my circumstances have only just changed to allow me to do so, ive had apretty s*** last few years and have ended up working the doors which i hate, and now need a carreer.
    Ive just come back of a para insight course which i loved , i was thinking of them cos my dad was in 2PARA many years ago but i was also thinking of the engineers because i need some skills and coming out of hte army in the same position im in now scares the s*** out of me.
    I need some honest opinions please .
  2. Hi mate, the obvious answer is to combine the two interests, PARA and Sapper by going 9 Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers, get your trade squared away and your fitness up to scratch then go for it. You won't be an infantryman, but tou will learn some of the skills. It would appear to be the kind of compromise you are looking for. Alternatively you could join the Infantry and maybe get yourself on an Assault Pioneers course, conversly, you won't be a Sapper, but you will learn some of the skills :)

    Cheers Easy!
  3. Exactly as Skinn_Full says. The Paras are exactly the same as any mainstream infantry Battalion, except having higher fitness levels and of course chucking themselves out of aircraft. And 23 Engr Regt (air Assault) directly provide Engineer support to the Parachute Battalions.
    So if its a trade your after and wish to work with a unit with high fitness levels, then its the Royal Engineers mate, and then express your desire to attend the para course.
    Have you aproached your nearest ACIO/AFCO yet? If not then I strongly advise you to do so at your earliest opportunity. They will give you all the answers you need, bare in mind that your school or FE qualifications still come into play when meeting the qualifications required for almost all the trades in the Royal Engineers.(English, Maths & a Science based subject)

    (By the way I believe the throwing themselves out of an aircraft side of things will slowly disappear, as its not really required anymore and is really expensive to maintain the Trg and Development. I'll sit back and await the incoming for them comments)
  4. Hello

    As above..........get the best of BOTH worlds! with 9 Sqn.....

    I worked with 2 Para in 76 - 77 on the emerald Isle...........please pass onto yer old fella that they were the dogs nuts......

    All the best with what ever you do........
  5. I agree with you on that one, although I suspect THEY won't...
  6. Join the Corp and then see what you want to do. There are a lot of trades, specialisations that you can do. Try and get on a RE familiarisation course as well.
  7. As an old Normandy Sapper. If you get into action? life can be as interesting as any man could wish for...And then some. after 62 years I still think that the contribution that the Sappers made to the successful conclusion of the war was vital, and made one hell of a difference. I cannot recall who said it, but I have heard a "Bigwig" quote that WW2 was an Engineers war. and the prime mover were the Sappers.
    So the equivalent of the old RE Field Companies must be a choice worth looking at?
  8. thanks to all your help has been greatly appreciated
  9. So what you doing then fella? You gonna join us reprebates....err I mean...gentlemen of the Corps?
  10. Yo

    Yep we need to know what your decision is !
  11. Are you man enough for freckles and skiffing or do you just want to jump out of planes? Hope we haven't scared him off...
  12. You live in Essex, if so pop down to Chelmsford and speak to the RE recruiter there, he can give you all the information that you need, looking at GCSE's C at least Maths, English and Science for most trades, CDT C if you want a design/building type of trade. We also have a look at life course in Minley that runs regulary if interested, gives an insight into what being an engineer is all about.
  13. At a resettlement interview an infanteer was asked about his choice of career, he seemed vague

    The interviewer asked "What was your trade in the infantry"

    "Machine gunner" came the proud reply

    The interviewer continued "what would you like to do now"

    "Mortars" was the instant response

    How could you possibly even start to consider the infantry instead of the Corps - its a no brainer - if you have to think too long then the infantry is best for you M8
  14. Good post and some good advice, I work with a couple of grunters
    (2 Para & 1 Scots, ex KOSB) and they found that funny(and truthfull) as well, so that surely is enough said, its the Corps for you fella, in you come.