Sappers in theatre?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by ibumchavs, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. Passed my selection and i'm now waiting on a date to go and start basic and join the corps. I just thought i'd be a nosy bugger as the blokes at my careers office are all PWRR so haven't spoken to any real sappers. For those of you who have been out to Afghanistan, what is the basic job of a sapper there? Do you use your trade much out there? Or are you basically doing the same job as the infantry i.e. patrols, compound clearance etc?

    Cheers in advance chaps. Looking forward to becoming part of something so big and well respected. :)
  2. sorry i thought you were after information regarding the thespian type sapper.
  3. "A horse, a horse my kingdom for a horse."

    Giz a job :D
  4. 1.Soldier

    Enjoy :D

  5. But above all you will be sh*t job boy untill the next tom arrives! :D
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Look at the links in the sticky section at the top of the Board, especially the Andy McNab stuff on YouTube, and some of the links in the You Tube section.
  7. See Signature, the book 'may' help :wink:
  8. if only being a sprog was still as much fun & as drunken, but buy the book fella it's a fecking cracking read
  9. Cheers fellas order placed on amazon asap! So you're saying sprogs don't get as shit faced anymore? :( Damn!
  10. Gentleman. I give you Capt Elsdale RE, Act 2, Scene 2 "The Charcoal Burner" (written 1833) circa 1870's:

  11. If you want the book this side of Christmas, don't bother with Amazon (they're not stocking it). Use the link on Gundulph's post (click on the book cover) and go direct to the publisher. I did for my second order and got pretty quick delivery.

    If you want to get sh** faced this side of Christmas and need advice on how to do it, you're probably not cut out to be a Sapper! :D

    Good luck, and welcome to the Corps!
  12. forgive me fellas, i don't mean to come over as a right thicko here but what book is this. I'm a father whose son has just passed final selection and is waiting for his start date (he wants to join the corps as a planty) and i've come across this site for info.
  13. Wah alert off

    The book is a collection of storys of daft things that have happened over the years to different squaddies (however most seem to be Spr storys :D :wink: ) (Oh and page 86 Ma poor wee boy I believe is one of mine :D )
    It will simply prepare him for all the daft things that await him and also explain what a Wah is.

    Wah alert on
  14. thanks