Sappers in Chatham

Come on, Moody, her comment was in the past tense, yours should be in the present!
Are you a sapper then? If you are, what makes sappers so special?

Nice one! Are Sappers special? That would be a new one on me although one has been helping us out big time over here in the Sand Pit. He actually is a top bloke (Bruce...not real name but you can guess what his surname is)
From Kent and on a Sapper patch - BEWARE - All Chatham Girls have a name for themselves amongst the Army men as Chatham Slags, easy, ho's etc etc. Watch yourself as well for VD - spreads like wildfire amongst the men....
zxninerpilot said:
Ah the Brompton Stomp on Wednesdays. Anyone remember the Chattenden stomp on Thursdays? A much better class of young lady.......
Yeah, only because they could afford the taxi up the hill.
All been pulled down now....
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