Sappers in Chatham

I have just joined the site after being recommended to visit by a friend. I have just moved to Chatham and now know that there are lots of Sappers in the town. I put a message on the lonely hearts part of the site, as I am single and like all girls - looking for Mr Right!
Could somebody tell me what the stomp in Brompton is? I am not sure if it's a pub or club, but somebody said I should check it out. I have never been in the army, so am a little confused by the lingo. If you know Chatham, where are the places to go and avoid?
Maybe you two should meet up? :glomp:
Have I met you before? How do you know that?

More to the point how about you? Bit of a looker with an eye for the blokes?
Now I get why the Sappers are so good. Thanks for the link Ronnie, you're a sweetie. I was born in 1970, how about you? What do you do as a Sapper then Ronnie, or are you all talk and no action, or have you walked the walk as well?
I dont think you'd enjoy the stomp Chathamgirly.

Back in the day you used to get generations going, as in Gran, daughter and grandaughter....and they'd all trap 8O

It's where the .....and please excuse the terminology, but its what they are known as....chatham slags go for a good time. Or at least it was back in the 80's and 90's. It may not be the same anymore but I wouldnt know, its been a few years since Ive been back, thankfully :lol:

Maybe one of the lads can shed some more light on what its like now.
thanks buggrit, someone messaged me and said the same thing. I have much better ideas for good dates and mixing with three or four generations in the same room isn't one of them. Is your avatar a camera lense Older by the day? I feel like you're watching me!
Do they still have stomp in Brompton? they had stopped when I was at 24 in 98-99

No ChathamGirl the stomp was not a good place for a 'nice' girl however if you are a right munter willing to sample Sapper heat seeking moisture missiles then the stomp would have been ok for you :-D

Personally I always thought the Cannon in Brompton high street was the only 'place in town', but its not really the same since yorkie died...too many young chavs in their now
The Cannon is still very much the Corps local. Chances are if you go down there you will bump into somebody you haven't seen for years. There aren't too many chavs in there, I think they would get the fcuk kicked out of them if they started playing up in there.


So your last trip to the Arrse hole, did what exactly for you lass?

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