Sappers in Basra!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by The_Cheat, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. Right, I have a mate out in Basra now. Haven't been in touch for a while so I'm looking for some info.

    Does any one firstly the BFPO. Also could some one PM the name of the Reg out there? And finally, if there are any deployed sappers here can you drop me a line? Ye might know him!

    Oh yeah, if you were a young twenty-mumble sapper out in the dessert, what would you want me to send you?

    Thanks for all the help.

    T C
  2. 36 Engr Regt out there at the moment, send him a packet of beetroot seeds, trust me, he will really appreciate it!
  3. A marigold glove, swarfega and a copy of Munters Weekly.
  4. Tell me more...

    T C
  5. well, he can plant them, nuture them, and soon (and this is the good bit) he will be able to supplement his diet..............with beetroot!
  6. And if he has time he could set up a still and make beetroot rotgut. Yummy. :wink:
  7. 36 Engineer are in Afghanistan.

    22 Engineer are in Iraq.
  8. BFPO 641

    22 out at the moment, lve just got back, 36 Ripping at the moment
  9. apologies 36 in afghan, 21 ripping (doh!!)
  10. Many thanks Mr Ferret!

    When you were out what did you want, more than anything in the whole wide world?? (Plz, keep in mind that it has to fit in a small box)

    Any small bits of kit you really wanted/ had to fork out for?


    T C
  11. 22 are in Iraq at the moment, within the next few days 21 will be taking over!

    I'm out here at the moment so drop me a line if you wish.
  12. The_cheat:

    anything that fits in a small shoe sized box hmm...

    my lads appreciated anyting from haribo, to a copy of the latest lads mags ie nuts / zoo, if you can find anyone out there that is from your home town the local rag was appreciated too.

    Surprise them, send out small games / puzzles etc...

    As its coming too xmas, send them something xmas themed : crads, santa hats etc

    Anything they get is greatfully recieved, so the worlds your oyster to be honest

    Many thanks on their behalf for your considerations!!
  13. Well you see I'm just such a nice guy! Going to try and make some Santa hat G-strings a la Jarhead... Should do the trick!

    T C