Sappers Bar, Thailand?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Spr_Tony_23, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. Anybody heard of, or know the wherabouts of this?

    Google proved useless.

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    Try Walking Street in Pattaya.
  3. or Street Walking. ;-)
  4. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Here you go - I have no idea of the name but it's in Hua Hin and is awesome...

  5. Not seen but I'll keep an eye out for it.
  6. Here is the original Sappers bar, Ban kok talat may 1964

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  7. Why is it full of cooks?

    (And why are they all staring at some blokes legs?).
  8. A question or rather request to 'the explosive one' and this is a blatant hijack of sorts. Have you got any recommendations for decent bars/hotels in Thailand? Err, ones that would be acceptable for Mrs BB.

    *thinks to self, this should be good*
  9. Actually yes. I assume that you don't really want her to have the fleshpots of BKK rammed (er...) down her throat every time she looks out of the hotel window.

    But at the same time you might want to visit Soi Cowboy or Nana St whilst ostensibly "looking for that little electronic gizmo you saw advertised", whilst she is getting her hair done or whatever.

    Have a look at Somerset Lake Point Hotel Apartment Bangkok | Official Site Somerset Lake Point Bangkokhe rooms are like mini apartments and very comfortable. Its far enough away from the flesh pots, but they are within easy reach (a few mins by taxi). The girl in reception who organises day trips and stuff is a raging lezzer who has no qualms about telling you what she did last night "three fingers, honestly, Matt" and can organise a threesome for you and your wife with one of her friends if required.

    The Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Rooms and Suites - Grand Sukhumvit Hotelame as above but many different types of room, starting at about 55 quid a night. pleasant bar, reasonable restaurant, very helpful staff, quiet location. Again not far from the heat, but not too close.

    For something different and if your missus doesn't mind seeing skimpily clad girls in the bars nearby try the Bless Residence hotel. It's small (but the rooms are big and very modern, superb bathroom), quiet and doesn't have a bar or restaurant, but it doesn't need them. It is about 10 metres from The Office Bar, which has 4 pool tables and a lot of girls, but you can just go in and have a quiet beer and read the paper too. It's on Soi 33 which has a very good selection of bars and restaurants and it's a bit more upper class than Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy etc. home of Bless residence
    Amari Residences Bangkok, Thailand This is a pleasant apartment hotel which has bar and restaurant. The rooms have microwave, oven hot plate cooker, fridge freezer and washing machine / tumble dryer. Well located right on Sukhumvit.

    For something more budget style, but clean and comfortable it you can try the Swiss Park Hotel on Soi 11. The entrance looks like a multi story car park. Bangkok hotel, Swisspark Hotel Bangkok boutique hotel sukhumvit The two sisters in reception .... threesome, v nice. The hotel is a stroll away from Nana Street, Nana Plaza (cross over Sukhumvit). And close to Gullivers bar and the Beer Garden - don't make eye contact with the girls in the beer garden (there are some hookers but mainly nurses, bank /shop assistants, etc), as they will be on you like a bad haircut. At that area of Sukhumvit there are also a great many street stalls with loads of gear, some fake some not. I bought a cracking toy R/C helicopter there a couple of weeks ago - 10 quid. Flew it round and round the hotel room for hours, cracking fun.

    Or there is the Federal Hotel. Budget style but clean and friendly Federal Hotel in Bangkok : Low Budget @ Five Star Service Close to Nana St and the Gulliver / Beer Garden and a myriad of small bars in back streets. Just for fun, take the wife to a couple of the small bars and get talking to the girls, they can be very amusing and sometimes outrageous.

    Give me a shout if you want more. :)
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    Do you know any good Ladyboys?
  11. Cheers mate. 'Spose I'm up for a shout.
  12. Only you.
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    I'll prolly go to BKK for Christmas. And will be there for a few days at the end of January after I wrap this job up.
  14. Touché. However, I would look more like Hailey Cropper as opposed to a Bangkok Ladyboy.