SAPPERFEST Clothing NOW Available to Order, delivery in time for AvN

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Hellmans, Dec 24, 2011.

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  1. ORDER HERE:- Home Page

    SAPPERFEST - May18th -21st 2012 - Be there or be square!
  2. Poor me being square and going to Kenya for 6 weeks. FFS!
    Is this going to be a regular thing?
  3. Yes mate, annual event , bigger each year hopefully. This is the first one
  4. Go on then, whats the venue? Website seems to be light on details.
  5. Buxton Derbyshire

    Look on facebook - group SAPPERFEST 2012

    Top of the page are 10 Docs, one of which carries all the details
  6. Without trying to p*ss on anybodys bonfire, if it is to become an annual event is it not a tadge close to the A v N and wont they compete with each other.

    I know everyone who gets out are ultra successful entrepreneurs, however, there is the odd individual whose money is tight :)
  7. I think this year is just a tester. If it proves successful then they will adjust timings/locations etc.

    The committee are very keen to make it a success
  8. And I for one wish them all the luck, unfortunately, I can only attend one and I am already comitted to the A v N