Sapperfest 2013

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, May 22, 2012.

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  1. So next year will be ten years since the biggest REunion Op Telic. Think that's well worth a visit to Sapperfest with a few like minded souls :)
  2. currently working in Malaysia, but just had permission from frau to attend this year. Shes even ok'd the hire of a campervan for the weekend cos I'm done with that camping crap!!!
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  3. Just got flights booked :D Will be there with me mucker! Looking at the photos on Fb, not sure what I'm letting meself in for...

    So, that's five us then, plus at least one organizer...

    Sapper D? You know you want to ;)

    Now, which shirt to buy?
  4. Have ordered my john chard VC shirt and pith helmet which will get its first outing at army/navy this year (complete with stick on colour sergeant Bourne tash!)
    Should be interesting walking to the tube on the morning of the event beering in mind the hotel I have booked is near whitechappel and the ongoing incidents of 'muslim vigilanties' in that area!
  5. Odds are people in general won't know the significance ...
  6. I am not overly bothered for myself and my bezza (who'll be dressed identically) is the regi boxing coach for my old mob. I'm hoping that nothing is said because the fraus will be with us. Mind you, from what I've seen, these fine amasadors of the religion of peace and tollerance, only hunt in packs, after dark and we'll be there in broad daylight on a saturday morning.
  7. John Chard rugby shirts arrived this morning, they are outstanding. Pith helmets arrived last week, all systems go! Roll on Army/Navy then June.
    Anyone know where I can get a replacement Victorian Cap badge for the pith helmets?
  8. Ebay sometimes has them.

    I have one in my collection. But No, you ain't havin' it!!
  9. Wouldnt dream of askin, Nobby!
    Will give fleabay a look then.