Sapperfest 2012

This has been mentioned on here before but only briefly.....but it seems to be gathering momentum on i thought i'd spread the word
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Proposal For Sapperfest For Council Authorities, Licensing and Police
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Report on the proposed reunion


The Royal Engineers


18th 19th and 20th May 2012


Derek Dodds

Health and Safety Manager



It is proposed to hold a reunion of up to 1500 ex and serving royal engineers at a campsite in the peak district. Those attending will be asked to bring their own food and alcohol.

Entertainment will be in the form of recorded music from CD’s a live band and different games that are exclusive to persons that have served in the royal engineers.

Accommodation will be in a tent or a caravan/motor home.

There will be a cost of £25 for the weekend.

All other relevant information can be found in this report.

1. Introduction

This report has been written to help external bodies understand the “event” proposed to be held in May 2012.

External bodies that have an interest to this event include: The local council and officials, the local police force and the local environmental agency. Any other agency that we as the organisers of the said event, or that the council deem necessary should be privy to this report.

2. The objective

The objective of this report is to give a clear understanding of the reunion planned for the weekend of the 18th, 19th and 20th of May 2012 to all interested parties.

3. The name of the event is “Sapperfest 2012” Royal Engineers are known as Sappers and as this reunion will be a bit of a festival hence the name - sapperfest.

4. We cannot accommodate wheelchairs on the site because of the nature of the ground other arrangements will have to be made with the organisers.

5. Main points

5.1 Location: The location of the event will be a campsite in the peak district by the name of Cold Springs farm camp site located at:

Manchester Road




SK17 6SS

Tel: 01298 22762

Cold Springs Farm

5.2 Facilities on site

• Toilet and shower block with hot and cold water to hand basins

• Hot power showers (included in price)

• Chemical toilet disposal unit

• Vending machines (hot and cold drinks and snacks)

• 12-30 caravan and motor caravan pitches all with electric hook-up (10 amp)

• 1500 tent pitches, 20 with electric hook-up (10 amp)

• Tiered site for more privacy

• Barbecues are allowed using a portable or disposable barbecue Separate room for dish washing

• Wet weather family room

• 2 Small fishing ponds (please enquire at reception)

The owner has assured the organisers that he can accommodate 1500 persons and 30 caravans/motor caravan these would be on a partial hard standing and have electrical hook up, the tents would be on 5 tiers of the site

5.3 Numbers: It is expected that there will be up to 1500 ex and serving Engineers attending however this number can fluctuate dramatically and there could be as little as 500 attending. This number can be given as a more definite figure about 2 months before the reunion as most individuals will have registered by that time, and this report will be up dated to suit

5.4 Control: Assuming that 1500 people do attend there will be strict site rules that must be adhered to written out by the organisers covering things like:

• Fire

• Rubbish/waste

• Noise

• Horseplay

• Local vicinity

• General behaviour

• Drinking, food and refreshments

These rules are at annex A.

5.5 County Councils 4 licence objectives:

• The prevention of crime and disorder – The reunion will be self policed, there are people coming from all walks of life including the police force, health and safety, working for international companies and councils, so each person will be responsible for ensuring that they keep to the site rules and behave themselves.

• Public safety – The organisers of this reunion have tried to be as far away from the general public as possible, by holding the reunion on a campsite getting individuals to bring their own alcohol and food, so once on the campsite there should be no reason for anyone to leave till the reunion is over.

• The prevention of public nuisance – this would be controlled by keeping to the confines of the campsite, responsible drinking, and as mentioned before self policing.

• The protection of children from harm – There will be no children at this reunion other than those over 18 and having served in the Royal Engineers, and it is not intended for there to be any interaction with the local children.

5.5 Entertainment: It is hoped that the entertainment for this reunion will be a mixture of two kinds the first being CD’s and a CD player and the second a live band one of the persons attending has a son that plays in a live band and it is hoped that they will play for us.

Other people attending have got some sort of contact with a live band and the band would like the opportunity to play for us, this will be looked at in more detail and the outcome will be known nearer the time.

Having this entertainment we would need a PRS and or a PPL licence, an application will be made to high peaks county council for any licence required for this reunion, the cost of this licence should be no more than £42. Update: Having had a long discussion with the licensing officer he has said that we do not need a licence for this event and he will inform the police licensing officer of our conversation.

Other entertainment will take the form of games that we used to play while serving in the army; these would include card games and outdoor games that would include:

• Volley ball

• Nurdles – Engineer game

• Baseball

5.7 Fire: There will be a bonfire on site; this will be in the central location where everything will be happening, it will be supervised by the people around it and the organisers will also be in that area. There will be no tented accommodation within 50m of the fire and fire extinguishers will be in the vicinity.

5.8 First aid: There will be numerous first aiders attending the reunion and some of the organisers are first aid trained first aid kits run to what you have in the car anything more serious than basic first aid would be a 999 call for an ambulance or a taxi call to the hospital depending on the severity of the injury. The local hospital is ½ a mile away towards Buxton.

5.9 Refreshments: There are two means of food being looked at at the moment, the first is for those that attend to bring their own, this would increase the fire risk as a lot of them would be the portable BBQ and the organisers would not be able to get round to police the whole site so what is intended as far as BBQ are concerned is to have one central BBQ and individuals can put their meat or whatever on watch it, once cooked remove it. The other is the use of two to three “burger vans” this option creates certain issues e.g. cost, licences etc. And we as organisers will be able to give a more definitive answer nearer the time.

5.10 Alcohol: There will be no selling of alcohol during the reunion attendees have been asked to bring their own, all empties will be collected in a skip supplied by the campsite owner and sent to a recycling unit.

5.11 Welfare Facilities: The campsite will have sufficient toilets by the time of the reunion for the numbers attending, we as organisers will also allocate an area for a urinal and have it built.

Washing facilities are supplied at the campsite.

5.12 Car parking: There are two areas away from the tented area for car parking at the moment the organisers do not envisage a problem with this. See administration for car park attendants

5.13 Cost: Persons attending the reunion will be charged £25 for the weekend; this will be broken down as follows:

• Hire of the campsite for the weekend

• T – Shirts

• Licences

• Incidentals – water containers, fire extinguishers, first aid kit,

Details of all monies and bank accounts will be forthcoming as and when the details are available.

5.14 Sapperfest shop: Enquires have been made as to whether small items made for sapperfest 2012 can be sold on site, this would be separate to anything the organisers would be doing, and at this time nothing is definite more information on this will be given nearer the time.

5.15 Arrival: Persons attending the reunion can arrive by car and the address is at the beginning of this report, by rail arriving at Buxton station 1 mile away, and a vehicle will pick them up from there or taxi can be taken for a cost of no more than £5

5.16 Clean up: All military personnel are used to the clean up procedure after an exercise or event this will be no exception the site will be cleaned up on the Sunday after the reunion is over.

5.17 Administration: The administration will need to be done by non Engineer personnel, these people will be selected nearer the time but it is envisaged that they will be sons or daughters of Engineers attending the reunion. There will be two car park attendants and they will be briefed on where to park the cars putting them in areas to gain the maximum numbers of vehicles in that area, where to direct caravans or motor homes, and to give instructions to individuals that need to drop off camping equipment and then Park up. There should be 2-3 individuals that are responsible for the registering of attendees, these individuals should man the reception area and be briefed to take names and other details of those arriving, mainly for a fire register in case of emergency, they should give out the free t-shirts and give any safety advice while at the campsite. There will also be a copy of the site rules that can be easily read on arrival, other information that these administrators will have is a plan of the site with each tent pitch on it so they can show the arrival where to go, they are responsible for putting out “TAC” signs 2 miles up and down the road so people can find the campsite. They will act as a liaison between the organisers and the campsite owners and deal with any issues as they occur, any major problems will be brought to the organisers attention.

5.18 Police and enforcing bodies: The local police, the environmental agency and the council will have to be informed as organisers we do not envisage a negative visit by any of these bodies over the weekend, any sign of trouble will be dealt with and those involved will be sent home at the earliest opportunity, noise will be kept to a minimum where possible and music will stop as per the terms of the licence. We would expect to have the police turn up only to see what is happening on their “patch” basis.

5.19 Conclusion: this has the making of a very good “event” and we as organisers hope that this will become an annual event.

There are small items that need to be bought but the main issues of venue, refreshment, entertainment and welfare have been addressed and taken care off.

We have produced some rules that need to be adhered to for our own safety and good will to the neighbours.

Annex A

Site Rules

1. No person is allowed to smoke within a tent.

2. In case of fire form up at the registration area and have your name ticked off.

3. All empty cans and food rubbish must be disposed of in the correct bins, keep the site tidy.

4. Any fighting will lead to you being expelled from the campsite.

5. You are not allowed to play with or interfere with any farm equipment.

6. Do not kill or maim any livestock, no matter how friendly it is.

7. The pond is out of bounds due to health and safety reasons.

8. Do not upset the local population in the vicinity

9. No nakedness outside of the campsite perimeter.

10. No drunkenness outside the campsite perimeter.

11. If you break a bottle clear the broken glass immediately into the nearest appropriate bin

12. Ensure your personnel equipment is secure and safe.

13. Keep the noise to a reasonable level.

14. All toilet facilities are to be left clean and tidy

15. Report any damage to the administration staff

16. Speed limit for vehicles on site is 5 mph observe it!

17. No fires are to be lit other than in the area specially designated for a fire.

18. Do not pinch the toilet roll.

19. No surface laying in any area other than the toilets

20. Do not interfere with any “plug in” system

21. Do not interfere with the owners property in any way shape or form the farm house is out of bounds

22. Normal campsite caravan/motor home rules and regulations apply

23. Any breach of these rules could lead to you being ejected from sapperfest 2012
Heard about this on the grapevine. Looks like a good piss up
can I get naked on the friday and not put any clothes on to I leave?


How is this looking? Not too far away now.
Never heard of this through my normal links, too late to go now but putting 1500 sappers in a confined space with beer can only lead to an excellent weekend of high brow conversation, jolly banter and anecdotes around a well constructed and safety compliant barbeque before an early night.
..........on the other hand..........


Book Reviewer
there seems to be a lot of purchasing of solar topees on the interweb . I HOPE ALL THE ARMOURED guys /girls give good accounts of themselves during the dance of the flaming ******** and Zulu warrior. Will be watching the news that week end for any reports of raped tractors and stolen cows . Good luck Sappers : Ubique or all over the place .
Nurdles! **** a toad I haven't played nurdles since '72 (You weren't there maaaan).
A resounding success by all accounts, gentlemen of The Corps i believe people are already enquiring about 2013. Hurrah.
dates have been formulated for Sapperfest 2013.
Pics? Evidence?.....there must be something to share? The Corps awaits....
Pics? Evidence?.....there must be something to share? The Corps awaits....
Can't attach anything for some reason at the minute.
I was there, it was a blinding success. 250 Sappers ranging from 19yrs old and serving to a little old bloke aged 76 pissed and calling everyone a sprog.

Three female Sappers attended, yes they have them apparently, one trapped and got swamped on in her doss bag by the trapper! Good skills.

I arose at 0500hrs Sunday for a slash and heard the sound of snoring resonating from the marquee. Inside was a comatosed Sapper asleep on a 6' table covered in somebody else's doss bag. He was still there at 1100 when they started taking the marquee down around him. He was earlier seen walking around with a mobile Optic around his neck!

Lots of banter, free bands, free DJ, bit of rain but who cares, Euchre tournament with trophies, more banter and shed loads of beer, port, 3 litre bottles of Asbach and such like. Two food wagons, bit of pyro and more beer.

Pith helmets galore along with a momento shop.

The committee really pulled this off in the spirit of a Squadron smoker and got it just right. Not a bad word from anyone, apart from a couple of pissed off pads wives on Faceache.
Next year will be bigger and better, new permanent site in Whitchurch , Shropshire.

Really can't say enough about how fecking good it was.

There's a Facebook group or two all about it, check out the photos and comments. 'Sapperfest 2012' group.

after the first evening

i served with this man in 29 Fd Sqn RE

Sapperfest 2012 (click on the "S")
Looked like an awesome event with all Sapper traditions maintained!

Hope you toojk all of those empty tins to the recycing bank.....
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