Sapper websites

There's a lot of military sites around and ones specific for Holdfast/Wedgeheads or as we prefer "SAPPERS". The majority can be found from within my website.

If you know of any not listed let me know and I will rectify the matter.

UBIQUE for us SAPPERS is "Everywhere". The Gunners share this but for them "It's all over the $%&&ing Place"
Well said Mr A

But surely you mean that although for them its "all over the $%&&ing place"  it's also "Well SHORT of where it's supposed to be"  ;D

Keep Smilin
We may be wedgeheads but better a bridge than wet feet and kit, and even better is a bridge put in with a tank, no more waiting just bridge down and put the coffee on(complete with lots and lots of baileys) :D
I though that 'Ubique' can also be directly tanslated as 'all over he place'.

Seems to suit the sappers that I know anyway.
Oy! Thats nut fare! He might bee slotely dysolxic!

Or he may be running WindaZ Too Thoosand.
Ooooooh look another cloud punching - drop short trying to add a little to the Engrs page.

Well  give us a shout when ya want ya lanyard back and don't forget to form up and march away !!!!!!!    no more running now or that yellow stripe will extend the full lenght of ya back !!!!

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Another sapper blind to historical fact.  Get it right boys, learn your history and when you  have learned it  come give me some shi*.  Now go build yourselves another bar.  Da*n i wish i could do that.........
Hey GQ, i didn't realise that a MLRS was a cloud puncher did you??, if you are going to slag of gunners then at least get all the facts and then present them..........STUPID IDIOTS
oi GQ when youre a moderator I'll come and get abusive in your forum and then I'll let you play in mine

;D only jokin dropshort, bring on the banter....

I've been meaning to ask ever since you put up that reply in the gooner forum - what is the true story then?

Gundulph, don't you just hate this CS95 crap, bring back epaulettes on shirts and then we can wear our lovely Blue Lanyards with pride, it's a bit of a bugger finding excuses to wear Number 2's ;D
White Lanyards.    LOL.   No problem humphrey i will post it on here and in the gunners (Right of the line, second to none) board.  Ohh but i have to be careful not to upset leeanne though she seems to think that putting the same answer in relevant threads on different boards is boring.

Also please by all means come into the gunners board and give some abuse,  might liven the place up.
OOOOOOOOH now this IS funny! Sappers and Gunners going at it like as if either of you are up to much

Bring it on chumps.....bring it on!!
'Never seen that picture before hhhmmmmmmmmm!

You're boring me now Sapper
Find another banter line mate before the gunners 'ave you!
To everybody slagging off the drop shorts/ long range snipers/ cloud punchers etc. etc..

I recently spoke to a gunner fellow and he told me that they never fire MLRS properly unless they go to war..... that makes it 11 years since it was used properly. Stag on the simulator.
MODACS there isnt a simulator for the launchers. All three regiments fire it properly all the time but with the practice rockets as the government wont allow us to fire M77 apart from in time of war.  Fun police or what.........

same rocket just filled with concrete.

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