Sapper up for a medal

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Nightrained, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Unfortunatly it's not me... Yet

    Whilst currently in Camp Bastion with 36 Engr, 26 are preparing to move out of the next coming weeks. We were told today, that a couple of days ago 2 Mercians were under attack in a compound and heavly pinned down. There was a sapper (26) present, and he set up a barmine, charged up to the compound and well, that sorted the situation out. :D

    Apperantly he is up for a top medal.

    There is no source as off yet though.
  2. so NT, what did he actually do? Run up and twat the feckers with it? :?
  3. We must be really short of CAS/Arty at the moment then!!
  4. I think he placed the barmine down and drew out his Hesco leathermans and scraped him to death with the blunt blade. Now if a planty was there, well a backhoe around the ears might have done the trick. Joking aside if he did that under fire GOOD LAD. Lets hope he gets the big bronze VC. Lets hope its another VC our way to the Corps history.
  5. I agree HTTH, talk about adapting and improvising.
  6. Nice one. I thought the days of the petard had long gone!
  7. Good news :D

    So how is our man in the Stan? Keeping fit, NT? As good or as bad as you expected it to be? Remember Opsec, but keep us up to date old bean :D

    :wink: You working for the Res Spec? or have they let you near a radio?
  8. Absolutely outstanding, an inspiring act!
  9. Top Job... Be good to hear from the lads on the ground what happened...
  10. NT,

    This Spr, did he use the barmine as an improvised Method Of Entry (MOE)? If so, this has been standard practice for about a year now.

    If not, let us know. Am off to BATUS soon & am hoping to include further MOE into the available training for Engrs. If we have something new, we need to share the wealth.

    PM me with details if possible.

    BOL out there.
  11. Am I the only person here still confused about what actually happened in this incident?
  12. no :roll: can't wait to be enlightened :D
  13. AFG so far is how i expected it to be. Was in MT but it is quite over manned, and the fact that I cannot drive a bedford or even a landrover, only daff (which there isn't any off) I have been put into SQMS Dept. However, going lash because [opsec]I have a VERY Important sigs job soon[/opsec].

    As to more informantion with the barmine, he supposedly strapped a simple initiation to it, which I think is more of less the standard MOE. I believe the story though, as 26 have been in the thick of it, even one nco was sturck on the head with an RPG and survived with burns. I'm guessing these two were wearing there stable belt. :p
  14. What The ****!!! 8O
  15. sounds like he's typing it under fire!!hehehe :roll: