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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by sparkysapper, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. As discussed before on other threads, i feel that being a Sparky is probably the best trade in the Corps, a great trade a numerous qualifications ready for the transisition into Civvie street after completeing your time.

    So for the other trades that read the Sapper forum, lets give some of the newbies that want to join the Corps some down to earth advice on what trades to go for, without the usual ACIO spin so that they can fill their number gaps.

    If you think that your trade is the best then tell us all why.

  2. i am a sparkie also but having known & worked with quite a few fridge mechs (fitter acr) i would certainly say that it is a good trade to have & that it will also hold you in good standing with the relevant quals gained for when you leave the corps.
  3. Was a chippy many years ago, though I would say that it's not something to go for unless you have an apptitude for that sort of thing AND enjoy it! (I didn't have an apptitude for anything oher than turning perfectly servicable wood into useless splinters in under 2 mins and didn't enjoy it!).

    As far as I can make out from other mates who have left sparky and fitter trades are really good, and plumbers end up printing their own money on the outside, despite having to dig sh*t out of blocked up drains in exotic countries!

    If I did it all again I would have gone for sparkie!

    Also I would never go for Driver or Combat sigs (or whatever gutchi name they're trying to call it now C3S etc), having seen both trades up close and also knowing a lot of people in those trades.
  4. Was a Bricklayer when i was in, didnt really do much Trade work except for Concreting, but who has'nt. Did more Chippy work tho, even got asked by my Troopy if i wanted to go on A1 Chippy cse even tho i was A1 Brickie.

    Now that i have left the Army i now work as a Bricklayer, and actually doing trade work, but i have always enjoyed my trade.

    If i had a chance i woudl'nt mind either Sparky or Plumber under me belt too.
  5. I was a Plant Operator Mechanic back in the 80’s and 90’s.

    Probably the best trade then for those who wanted to do the thing they were trained for, was always kept busy both in barracks and on scheme.

    I even, for my sins, ended up as a CET instructor in an Armd. Eng. Sqn at Munsterlager.

    Not sure how the trade is set up today, but then you could go from the basic A2 course 12-18 months after training, to the A1 course 12 months later, then if you were lucky the ECP course, which was the most interesting course the Engineers had to offer.

    Must admit though I have never touched it since leaving.
  6. Cheers for the all the advice lads, for a newbie like me tryin to decide the AFCO isnt always the best place to go, as they rarely have first hand exp in the choice of job you want.
  7. My trade is Fitter. I did my training in the early nineties when most fitters were Fitter RE stream.

    But now they have made the mistake of splitting the trade into Fitter Gen, Fitter ACR, Fitter U&P, etc. which means you have to have the right type of fitter to get a job done. The old Fitter RE was a lot more versitile and could put his hand to almost anything.

    If you enjoy mechanical type things and enjoy dismantling things to find out how they work then fitter is the trade for you.

    Fitters can turn into superhero's as well.....On my B1 course the Coles Crane broke down which meant that we would have to build the HGOB (15 man lift, etc) by hand!! But by replacing one wire I got it going again. Obviously I made it out to be a difficult repair and milked it as much as I could.

  8. So this gave you great practice at being a CoW then!!!!!! Okay lads the mortar between those blocks is not equal, knock it down and start again!! :)

  9. oh "sparky" you are sooooo cynical regarding CoW.

    but a fair point raised fella.

  10. CoJ don't listen to 'em buddy as a fellow mechanical god ascended into heaven to dispense knowledge in a sagely manner to all none technicians I fully recognise the need to maintain that mystical sense of awe. 8)

    Sparky obviously don't realise the difference between pipes and bricks (or the need for level bricks) :wink:
  11. I was C3S - what a god awful trade. One that I was pushed into by the PSO. If he hadn't have pushed me onto that course, I would probably still be in.
  12. Aye spoke to some of the young sigs wing lads from a unit I was with last year, 80% of them were conned into it and were told it was a gucci job!!

    Doesn't anyone up top think to try and make some jobs a wee bit more interesting (somehow) so that people will enjoy them?! And stay!

    Retention is a dirty word!! That said there are a lot of good jobs out there!
  13. If I had my time again, I would have probably chosen Plant Op. That has to be a dream job, driving big, dirty machines - a real mans job!
  14. Aye and they soon disapear off to their machines when it starts raining! Warm cab or basha...hmmmm
  15. And all the pies they can eat :D