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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by green_eyes, May 3, 2011.

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  1. Please can somebody give me some useful advise as I am literally at my wits end with my TA unit.

    I joined the engineers 3 years ago as a sapper – which at the time was my only realistic option as I was at uni and also worked full time as a building site manager. I have since graduated, leaving me with a lot more time. Therefore I have decided to take the officer route and return back to training.

    However – my unit aren’t helping me do this. They have given me a ‘mock interview’ which I don’t think was particularly fair in regards to the questions asked. (5months ago) And since then they have not mentioned this again. I don’t think it is my units choice whether they think I can go on officer training or not –I should be at least given the chance to undertake the selection process. They aren’t letting me have this opportunity and I find this very unfair.

    Does anyone know how I should deal with this ?? Would it be easier to leave my unit and rejoin through the careers office as an officer?
  2. You might not think it should be your unit's choice - but those are the rules - technically, I think it is your CO who has the sole and deciding vote on the matter (regardless of whether this is fair generally or specifically to you). Knowing how somebody behaves in the military context, which your unit does of you (badly judging by your other post), gives you a fairly good clue as to whether they will do well at AOSB or post-commissioning.