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Good morning gentlmen,
Im currently surving with the Royal Engineers at 1 RSME finishing my 0-2 electrictians course, I previously served with the 2nd battalion RIR (TA) for two years. I have always had aspirations to become an officer but sadly I lack the relevent qualifications.
I was informed by my troop comander in basic at lichfield that the qualifications i receive from my trade training in the engineers would allow me to go to Sandhurst. I understand that this wont happpen immediately and my take a few years experiance and possibly my first tape but any advice would be much appreciated. Has anyone else been in this position?
Ive tried to search for similar topics in the forum and i appologise for any double posting.

R.E.gards Gavin


There is plenty of precedent of RE sappers/JNCOs commissioning through RMAS and going onto successful officer careers.

Your best bet at the moment is to get in touch with the RE recruiters through the Army Web site, and also go and see the AEC at Brompton and get advice on what you might need to do for education.

Once you get to your next unit after 0-2 make sure you flag up early that this is what you want to do.
Thanks for the advice chimera i intend to go make an appointment with the AEC Monday morning. Its encouraging to hear that Engineers seem to be successfull at RMAS.
I'd echo the above. As a thickkie ex-ranker with one GCSE in woodwork, I was assesed on my Maths and English by the AEC, and subject to completion of the Pre RMAS/PODC Course at Worthy Down, you can be put forward to AOSB.

Best of luck!
Just another question does any of my limited previous experiance account for anything? Or will I start from scratch if I get to RMAS? Im sure this should be a question for the AEC but im impatient.
I gather 'TheCheerfulSubbie' that you were successfull in your aplication. Have you passed out of RMAS?
Not an ex-ranker, but I do know people who are. Their time in the ranks (Reg, not TA) counted for them in the same way as graduate officers' degrees did - i.e., they had up to 3.5 years seniority. There's no way to jump bits of the course though.

Generally, the process works through your chain of command - an application to apply for a commission needs to be approved by your OC and CO, on top of the normal AOSB process.

Education-wise, if you need the equivalent to GCSEs at A-C, you want to be looking at Level 2 Basic Skills, which the Army takes as a direct equivalent. The AEC will be all over it.

Best of luck!

Everyone starts from scratch. Stood next to me on my CC was a 10 year Sgt with more Op Gongs that the AcSM. It doesn't count for anything.

Most amusing are the ex UOTC, who *think* they know how Sandhurst works!

I passed out of RMAS in 2005 and throughly hated, yet enjoyed, every minute of it!
Sounds good, thanks for all the advice.
I have 9 GCSE's A-C but I don't have A levels, I was hoping my trade training would equate to some sort of equivilent. Anyway Ill get the ball rolling and arrange an appointment with AEC when it opens today. I think i might dredge the forum and try to find some information on all these acronyms the officer comissioning course is a bit of a grey area for me but thanks again.
Ive spoken to the AEC he has said that I should do some A lvl's in atleast maths and english. I should also make my troop cmdr aware that I want to make a carrer of the army and that i would like to go down the route of a comission. He also said that i should wait until im just about to go in for my final A lvl exams and push for the selection board just as i get my results. Maybe my trade acctually means very little. Great.
Thanks for the help gentlemen I think now its a case of head down and smash out two A lvl's ASAP.

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