Sapper to civvi street explosive demolition

Maybe ask your MPF or if you are at 33 or 101 ask one of the BDO's. The MPF's do a shot firing course whilst they are doing their MPF course so might be able to shed some light on what you can do.
These folk will give you a steer on training/professional memberships:

Also try speaking with contractors directly: (I know they do explosives).

Not all of these do expl demolition, but it'll give you a better idea by location:

Good luck!


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Also try Controlled Demolition Limited in leeds
Rather than contacting contractors get in touch with the Institute Of Explosive Engineers at Shrivenham

I left in 96 and moved into H & S. Ended up being the H & S manager for a certain well known Leeds based explosive demolition contractor for 6 years

Great fun but hard graft. A few ex RE working within the sector
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