Sapper to be new Commander UKLF

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by muhandis89, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. It's about time too!
  2. :D :D
  3. You'd think at least they'd give that position to a LCpl over a Sapper.

    I'll get my coat...
  4. And don't let the door hit you in the ARRSE on the way out. :lol:

    Also don't stop. :twisted:
  5. Any name?
  6. Lieutenant-General Peter Wall
  7. I met him when he commanded 9 Para Sqn RE. Scary man, dead honest and he'll do well.
  8. Yes, a Sapper will be ideal to carry the chief soldier's bags. Did I mention he is a gunner? Oh sorry, CGS is a gunner and a donkey-walloper to boot...
  9. That will be very good news to a good friend of mine who was a young TC with Peter Wall in 9 Sqn in the 70's ... talks highly of him all the time... Nice One!
  10. It is rumoured that a more recent OC of 9 is on the way up rapidly too!
  11. My old CO from Hohne, a cracking guy.
  12. He was my boss in Belize many years ago a good guy. All the best to him. He had the best training in the world if you can manage 9 sqn you can manage anyone.
  13. He was my CO at 32 as well.
  14. I would say more along the lines of a Guide dog Cuddles, as being a Gunner he probably couldnt find his own arris with both hands and a team of OCdts from Sandhurst and will be all over the feckin place as usual, without a Sapper to keep him on the straight and narrow :wink:
  15. Lieutenant-General Peter Wall is a good choice (aside from being of God's own Corps). He performed well on TELIC (IMHO) and having briefed and been briefed by him, he is very much the pragmatist, and most definitely sees his Corps experience as fundamental in his approach. Very task orientated, but also shrewd enough to not only reflect on what is going on, he really does have the granite to drive stuff through.