Sapper sweeps the board at Army photographic awards

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by amazing__lobster, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. Im doing flik flaks in the hall...obviously has far to much time on his hands.........
  2. Though remembering from my time in, the word Sapper & sweep are normally found in the same sentence!

  3. very common waste of troops time in BAOR in the 80,s I believe !!
  4. Surely there's only about 10 photographers in the Army, so they're all guaranteed to win a photography prize every year. Better than working for a living eh?
  5. That 'CASEVAC' photo is beautiful and evocative.
  6. Im sure its epic viewing but what next ...dead enemy lying in a trench/gutter beautiful and evocative ..........not so sure.... but hey it'll win someone a prize im sure....
  7. I'd not describe the photo as "epic" and I chose the word "beautiful" carefully - it is subjective, but the style of the photo gives it beauty. As for dead people lying in a trench, if that had been the photo I'd have used different adjectives.
  8. In !!!!!! expand
  9. Everything to do with art is subjective.
  11. Leave it Dozy, he's not worth it!

    Come on, we've all had a drink, let's bezzer each other then get a kebab and throw up in the taxi queue.

    (I'd add an emoticon here if I could but I'm using quick reply.)

  12. [​IMG] :hug: [​IMG]

    Sorry, there isn't one for eating a kebab...
  13. Good job too, if there was we'd have to call a medic to remove the monitor from your throat as you tried to scoff it, eh tubby?