Sapper Support: 24/7 Help Line: 0800 040 PTSD (0800 040 7873)

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Sapper Support is a 24/7 Help Line set up in 2014. To quote directly from its website:

"We want to be the organisation that catches those who fall.

This website runs in tandem with 0800 040 PTSD, a 24/7 helpline designed by a Sapper, staffed by Sappers….. For Sappers!

The volunteers are not doctors, councillors or health professionals. They are Sappers who speak the lingo of the British squaddie, have served in all the theatres of war from Iraq’s Desert Storm to modern day Afghanistan.

They aren’t here to judge or chastise…. They are here to listen, chat and help.

Sapper Support is here to help people today….. Before they get to the point where they break."

The contact number is above and in the title.

The website is here:

Not open for further replies.

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