Sapper Sparkys or Sigs sparkys?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Semperfidelis, Sep 2, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I am sorry if these questions or similar ones have been answered before. I'm new to this site and still finding my feet. Basically, I've got selection up at ADSC Lichfield in about a weeks time, and I've chosen ME Electrician as my trade as I would like to be a sparky when I leave. I know Combat Engineering is the Sapper's primary role so when if ever do you get to actually use your trade. And due to this did any of you guys even remember how to do your trade when you left? I chose Engineers not only for your good reputation but also for the qualifications. I'm now wondering whether Royal Sigs would give me more experience as a Sparky? Any inside info from sparkys would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  2. For Sigs sparky, read truck driver, generator and FEPDS operator thats it. They are not electricians or really qualified to practice the trade on the outside, they just play around a bit with electrickery.
    However if you are unable to count up to 20 without taking your socks off then Sigs Sparky is the trade for you. :wink:
  3. Having stayed at a hill top site with some Royal Sigs guys I can tell you I would rather have a an RE sparky any day of the week. The generator powering the accomodation went down and the R Sigs sparky didn't have a clue. He came to us, a team of 4 plantys, asking for advice. We had the problem sorted within half an hour.

    R Sigs sparkys tend to concentrate on mobile power supply where as RE sparkys do domestic power, mobile power, power distribution and power generation. Speak to Knocker_Till_The_End for more details.
  4. Ah right. Cheers lads seems like I made the right choice after all :) really can't wait to start training!
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Good choice - stick with us!! Good luck with training.

  6. I can count on one hand the times I touched sparkying when I was in, however that was through choice as I prefer being a Combat Engineer and turned down a posting to Corp of Lights.

    Good choice though and good luck.
  7. Bloody hell. Thats taking one hell of a risk!

    The problem is that big box thing, labelled alternator. It'll be the starter motor see... :D
  8. Cant really speak for the sigs, but on the last tour i did the sparkies in my troop had plenty jobs to keep them busy and it wasnt all basic stuff either. They got some good experience in and i cant see it changing with the current tempo of ops. RE sparkie to me seems a better choice.
  9. Also just to add that once you have gained your class 1 ME electrician (C&G quals) and provide you are recommended you can go on to a Clk of Wks course. This has the added bonus of progressing you further up the food chain than mere domestic sparky and turns you into an electrical design engineer and offers up so many other routes in the construction industry not to mention larger pay packets......
  10. Definately sounds like there's a lot of scope for promotion opportunities too :) this may sound stupid to you but a mate of mine told me that you have to be built like a brick sht house to join the engineers. I'm very fit but not that big, is this a problem? My other two choices were Reme VM and RMP but I really want Engineers.
  11. Certainly not true!
  12. Alright guys? I passed ADSC at Lichfield earlier this month with an A! So I'm off to Bassingbourn but I have to wait six months for Electrician. I didn't realise Sappers TAB with more weight than the rest of the Army. Is it a lot more? And what's the girls like in the RE? Sorry, have to ask :)
  13. Like the rest of us, but with bigger tits (though not bigger than Knockers :wink: ) and with better moustaches.
    Its not a fecking dating organisation, we have Casino rooms for that.

  14. I've heard rumours that Royal Sigs electricians are being recapbadged to RE powermen anyway. This may just be a TA thing - but I would avoid Jimmy if I were you.
  15. Not true, or possible. A Sigs Electrician is a very different animal to an RE electrician. They are effectively small generator operators and pluggers in of FEPS with a limited grounding in the wiring regs to prove basic competance. Their elec qualification will not stand up to the RE standard without a lot of further training. :roll: