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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by arty90, Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. i'v already done a thread abit similar to this but i have 6 days to decide my postings and cant find any good advice

    i dont want to go to norway so i'm not going to get my green beret
    i want to enjoy my self but dont want to get fat so germanys a nono
    but i want to help my carreer so 9 para or EOD seem appealing but i cant find much info or advice??
  2. Are you inferring that all it takes to get a green beret is a penchant for Nordic travel? Or that serving in BFG makes you put on weight? Or that serving at 9 or 33 might in some way get you promoted? You have knowledge of Arrse and think you'll get useful info and advice here?


    2. You're trying to stay near mummy in the UK you sad little excuse.

    3. Wise up child.
  3. i wanted some advice not some abuse duckegg

    germany got sold to me as a place to drink smoke and sleep with prostitutes, which neither are good for my health.

    33 and 9 you obviously get more training and pay which must help your promotion aspects.

    in that paragraph where did i say i wanted to stay in the uk? i wouldent have joined while we was at war if that was the case would i?
  4. Mate, there are countless threads about 33 and 23. Germany won't necessarily make you fat - that's just part of the banter.

    PS Why have you got an Aussie email address?
  5. i lived in brisbane when i made the e-mail address, i'll look up the threads
  6. What do you want out of a posting?
  7. (Wah shield on)
    Can you not drink, smoke and sleep with prostitutes in the UK? It's called choice, youngster, unless you are weak. But you do get paid a lot more for being in BFG.

    More training and pay do not equal promotion on their own. Attitude (including personality and integrity), ability, and time served also contribute to your promotion PROSPECTS.

    By posting that you didn't want to serve in BFG you pretty well confirmed that you wanted to be posted in the UK.

    Seriously, hope that helps.
  8. i joined the army for a career, but i'm still in basic and asking where i want to be posted so soon sounds abit silly as i know nothing about feild army

    i think im going to try for 9 or 33
  9. Wah shield on.

    If you go to 33, and pass, if you impress the people at 49 and your line management, you can volunteer for para or cdo to serve in at EOD.

    Might take a bit more than wishful thinking, mind.
  10. Falklands is nice this time of year !
  11. Norways not to bad
  12. Afghanistans nice this time of year - face it, wherever you go you'll be spending a fair amount of time here
  13. you get your wings for years at 23 anyway there was/is a huge backlog of lads waiting to do the jumps cse as far as i am aware.

    get to deutschland & fecking enjoy it, i know i did as a 17 year old sprog, hazy hazy memories.
  14. I remember asking for Germany and amphibious as my posting options. I got UK and definately no M3 rigs in sight^^

    AFAIK if you ask for 23/24 you will normally get a stab at the course, the rest seems to be ruled by the Lords of Chaos in their mighty tower in Scotland... (jest, before someone try's to explain the importance of the right trades in the right place and all the manning bull***t :D )

    Doesn't hurt putting your preferences in though...
  15. puzzle palace .......... handbrake house .......... etc/etc/etc