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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by arty90, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. Im currently in phase one and have just gone on my phase 2 visit and they asked us where we would like to be posted uk, germany, para or commando
    but they really really sold germany

    if somthing sounds good to be true it usually is and i think iv mistake, is germany all its cracked up to be?
  2. If the Army is trying to sell something it's because there are vacancies there. I spent 5 years out in Germany mostly during the Cold War, and it was alright, but became incredibly boring when the Soviets were no longer there to wind us up. :rofl:
  3. Germany's a good crack.
  4. Glads somethings don't change :D
  5. 'Arty' isn't a very wise username for a Sapper :wink:
  6. Obviously a last minute change of heart after joing arrse, :D

    Germany is fantastic I'm on my 5th Germany posting and have loved them all, :lol: :p

    However if you have dreams of going para/commando then I would do that first because once the gyros, frikadellas, bratwurst pommes mit mayo and krombacher/warsteiner get hold you wont be running back to the UK for a high intense phys based course, in fact you wont be running much at all. 8O :D
  7. when we was asked for our postings gemany was bigged up quite abit, so mostly all of the troop put down for there. was funny seeing the look on all of our faces when only two people got germany and the rest got northen ireland and rippon xD !
  8. Maybe that was because they couldn't spell!!! hehehe
  9. I probably gave you that brief.

    As stated: Pros of Germany include; cheap fuel, cigs, booze, travel and great camaraderie, amongst others.

    It would also have been mentioned that a posting is 3-5 years as a sapper, and after 3 years if you are not happy then put in a preference to a UK unit. Also vice versa. If you go Cdo/ Para and decide that you would like to go to Germany then put in a preference.

    It is always stated in the brief to phase one recruits. However, I understand that, the visit that day does ask you to decide a lot when it comes to your career. If you have any major concerns, remember when you come back to start your B3 Cbt Engr Cse, on the Tues of Wk 1 you can speak to the PSO SSgt and voice your concerns.

    As a matter of interest where did you put as your choice?
  10. To add, that is fairly true. Well said, I do miss a good Gyros and Wobbly!
  11. wrote out their posting preferences in text speak perhaps :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  12. it was the PSO sgt that briefed us.
    if i dont go para then i never will but i'd like to go to germany,i picked germany but then started to think im abit too easily led so thought id ask for opinions on here.
  13. Get P-company done whilst your young, fit and keen, less chance of injury its a mega cse to do after you basic and phase2 training, as they is no bull what so ever,you will be suprised to know its a fun cse to do, we all had a good laugh all the way through.
  14. Germany, Germany, Germany (8 years worth).

    After posting back to the UK, bigger overdraft every month and hated weekends. So I got out.

    As for 9 sqn or 59 - can't help you there as was no-where near fit enough nor had the inclination. But very envious of those who have completed.
  15. Preference of posting-services joke.I was asked where I wanted to go after a NATO posting and replied 'Hong Kong,Cyprus,Gibraltar'.No problem,don't quote place names or BFPO's,just say Far East,Middle East,Near East.Got sent to Hameln!When I queried it,was told Hameln is pretty far east in West Germany :cry: