Sapper on Termination leave looking for Plumbing and Heating Work

I started my termination leave on Friday 12th October, I have ACS gas qualifications, C&G 6129 and I have also paid to upgrade this to a full NVQ through JIB upon completion of the NVQ portfolio with an employer.

I have worked weekends since January alongside a Sole Trader but I am now looking for something more permanent. I would be prepared to undertake any trial with an employer to show what I can do.

I'm based in Kent. Can anyone offer me some advice or point me in the direction of someone who might be able to help. I have registered with plenty of ex forces recruitment sites but plumbing jobs are few and far between. I was due to start a weeks trial with a firm next Monday but they emailed me today to say sorry but they had to fill the position. Gutted.

If anyone can help, please PM for further information.
No, but just as a thought, I shoot with an ex-sapper who trained as a plumber, got a job with a company, hated his workplace, setup on his own after a year, has loads of work, is happy and now employs somebody. Just a thought. Horses for courses though.
I've been self- employed for over 35 years and the situation at present is dire.

I'm OK, no debts etc, but if you're trying to earn a living..... people are only spending on urgent work.

There's quite a few web sites out there.....

How to Join OPGO | Organisation of Professional Gas Operatives.... they are a small, but helpful bunch.

Plumbing Forum | Plumbing Advice | Plumbers Forums | A forum for plumbers advice in the UK

There's also Screwfix and Diynot, if you're ACS, you can access the dedicated forums....

Best of luck.
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